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Miscellaneous (Includes Rulerfrog and Marshall Flinkmann)

Credit Dauphine

jhr1971ok  10/18/01 10:27 am

  On Monday the 15th, I sent mail to
  analysis@creditdauphine.com. Initially, I received the following response:


  Due to a faulty messaging feature, part of your message to CreditDauphine.com was clipped. If your communication concerns password features, please understand that, for the time being, online accounts are being monitored, on behalf of its user base, on a case-by-case basis.
 At this time, passwords are restricted to accountholders of CreditDauphine.com.

  Sincere thanks,

  The WebMeister.

  Today, I received a second message:

  Your accountholder's password status is presently being authenticated.
  If you are reading this message, then you have entered clearance phase,
  and may be contacted with further instructions for opening an account  with Credit Dauphine.

 bcope16  11/8/01 1:06 pm

  From my first email I received this:

  -----Original Message-----
  From: analysis@creditdauphine.com
  Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2001 6:57 AM
  To: Copeland, Brent Subject: re: Password


  Your accountholder's password status is presently being authenticated.
  If you are reading this message, then you have entered clearance phase, and may be contacted with further instructions for opening an account with Credit Dauphine.


  The Webmaster

Brent Copeland from the board sent this mesage to analysis@creditdauphine.com

  It has been more than a month now, and I still have not  received my password. Please send it soon, or I will have to look into other "institutions".
Thank you,

(he received this reply)

  You have been selected.
  Inquiry has begun.
  If you hear nothing, follow the others.

Subj: Re: <o>
  Date: 10/18/2001 8:11:54 PM Eastern Daylight Time
  From: analysis@creditdauphine.com

  Be my GUEST. Then, and only then, tell me what you learn.


  "You contacted me earlier this week. It wasn't safe, too many people talking. Maybe you should double check your math -- we can chat later. A."

That was true, on Monday I emailed "analysis" the 2nd part of the code... and got silence. Until today.


  i got a different response today (from analysis@creditdaphine.com):

  From analysis@creditdauphine.com Wed Nov 7 22:15:18
  X-Apparently-To: zephyr_hex@yahoo.com via
  web21006.mail.yahoo.com; 07 Nov 2001 22:15:31 -0800
  Received: from s17.route66.net ( by
  mta494.mail.yahoo.com with SMTP; 07 Nov 2001 22:15:30
  -0800 (PST)
  Received: (qmail 5357 invoked by uid 600); 8 Nov 2001
  06:15:19 -0000
  From: analysis@creditdauphine.com | Block Address | Add to
  Address Book
  To: zephyr_hex@yahoo.com
  Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2001 06:15:18 GMT
  Mime-version: 1.0
  Content-type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"
  Content-Length: 132

  Received the R-code.

  If you are Knowledgeable, why did you transmit on the
  Credit Dauphine public server?


Automated response:

11 Nov 2001 15:55:15 -0000
To: averyvincent@yahoo.com
 From: analysis@creditdauphine.com

Dear Online Client,

Thank you for your request. Password authentication is a process requiring that a lengthy set of criteria be met.

If you are reading this mail, then your request for authentication has definitely been received, and you will be contacted at the e-mail address from which you submitted -- if, and only if, your credit profile exceeds our standards for clearance.

"How It Pays..." to be patient, sometimes... And your patience is sincerely appreciated.

The WebMeister

 Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 02:55:22 GMT

Were you still interested in learning about our Credit-Smart plan?
It's just a matter of time.

Speak to me sometime about ProgramD.


(a variation of the above message)

From: analysis@creditdauphine.com
  To: kerlo@rocketmail.com
  Subject: re:
  Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 06:29:41 GMT

  You have been chosen. It may have been a while since you last visited our Credit-Smart plan. It's only a matter of time. Speak to me sometime about ProgramD.


 neliamne  11/12/01 11:46 am

  at least brains behind the auto-responses:
  i have emailed them several times from both my work and personal email address. these two email addresses are nothing alike...this is the latest email i got from
  Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 16:37:16 GMT
  From: analysis@creditdauphine.com
  To: JFredrickson@ftdi.com
  CC: neliamne@hotmail.com

  You have been selected.
  All may appear still, but inquiry has begun.
  If you hear nothing, follow the others.

  **note that it is cc'd to my other email address?!? the only
  thing common between the two is MY NAME...and they sent me this right after i posted about being left out of the real  responses... someone here is a mole, or there is an observer here from Credit Dauphine.

 fyre47  11/23/01 7:37 pm

  From : analysis@creditdauphine.com
  To : analysis@creditdauphine.com
  Subject : holiday hours
  Date : Sat, 24 Nov 2001 00:09:25 GMT
  Attachment : item7741c.jpg (182k) (photo/clipping)

  in future, you will please address all application requests to the appropriate division. authentication is proceeding smoothly. i believe this should be of interest to you. you will know what to do next.

From: analysis@creditdauphine.com
  To: analysis@creditdauphine.com
  Subject: Final Phase Authentication
  Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2001 02:48:43 GMT

  Background check complete. You will be contacted with
  further instructions.



  yeah .. i got a code like that back on 11/07:  reference: PAIV.06.27

  maybe that's our account password?


  Now this is odd, the first msg I've gotten back that had what I originally sent them on it... ~*~ is me btw, the name that comes with emails I send, it isnt a clue or anything

  From : analysis@creditdauphine.com
  To : frozensunset@hotmail.com
  Subject : re:
  Date : Mon, 10 Dec 2001 01:05:40 GMT

  ~ * ~ wrote:

  > <0>
  > paiv

  This might be of concern to you.


uandwhozarmy 12/10/01 10:28 pm

  Subject: Final Phase Authentication
  Background check complete. Authentication nears. You will  be contacted with
  further instructions.


fyre47 12/13/01 12:16 am

  Just for the record, as an experiment I tried emailing analysis using one of my other emails (but it sends with the same name as the one that I primarily use for this game) and I got this back:
  Thought you were someone else.
  Please disregard last communication.

  Subj: re: RE:
  Date: 12/14/2001 4:57:57 PM Pacific Standard Time
  From: analysis@creditdauphine.com
  To: MsV9906@aol.com
  Sent from the Internet (Details)

  MsV9906@aol.com wrote:

  > <o>
  > paiv

  Are you a Peer?


neliamne 1/15/02 1:43 pm

  FYI, none of the email auto-responses have changed as of right now. Analysis still gives a 'receipt', Syd, Marshall & Dixon all give  messages.  Jack, Sloane & Steven Gordon all receive the message but have no autoresponse, and no mailboxes exist for Horace Flinkman & Jeremy Alexander.

neliamne 2/22/02
ok, i will admit to having doubted whether rulerfrog was part
 of the puzzle, but i have been converted.
 yesterday i sent analysis an email telling them that their game
 was getting really boring, and this is their reply:

 >>As per your request, you have been removed from the
 program. If you
 believe you have received this message in error please
 contact the address
 below. Thank you for using Credit Dauphine.




kxmom11x  10/18/01 6:39 pm
 This is the response I received from my e-mail to Finch.  Curious.

"let sleeping dogs lie. That is all I can say right now." ??

sp94axp  10/18/01 7:01 pm

  FYI here is the last e-mail I got from Finch...

  Hi, just saw your first message now.  The true wheel is where my page is hosted. It is going to be about poetry I think, but I don't have time these days -- cos  I'm getting something like a million emails a day!!  Just kidding. More like a thousand...
  Wow. I don't know what's up with it.
  + + + + + + + + + + + +

  Ps. You really should be careful, I mean about that subject
  line...  : &

  I Figure that last line is the only thing of interest. my subject line was <o>


darthgravy  10/18/01 7:36 pm

  Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 15:40:53 -0700
  From: "Finch" <lichtundblindheit@thetruewheel.com> | Block
  Address  | Add to Address Book
  To: "Darth Gravy" <darthgravy@yahoo.com>
  Subject: Re: Budge a Finch...

  Wow. There's that mark again. Please leave me alone. I don't  know anything, ok? This is scaring me. Finch.

  Darth Gravy wrote:

  Any idea when your site will be up and running?  My eye and  my hand are itching...

kxmom11x 10/18/01 7:49 pm


  Joy Division are fantastic aren't they. Anyway, the Followers thing. I learned that they're very...private. And although there's a website at a .org, the website doesn't always reflect the views of the people who are in control... which you know is so typical on the web. It's like if I took out the name joydivision.com, and everyone suddenly assumed I was Ian Curtis...
  Please take care, and tell others to take care as well. I have received dozens of emails on this subject, and have no real answer why so suddenly... but it does concern me a little...
  + + + + + + + + + + + +


Rambaldi Site AOL Addresses and Instant Messages

 As a part of the game, I just IMed SydK but it seems that the screen
  name may not be part of the game. I asked if the Eye and The Hand are
  now one and the same. There was no response and I was put on his
  ignore list ten minutes later. Its profile is from Texas, but the Rambaldi
  site says he's from Port Orchard, WA. So other AOL names that don't
  mention the <o> mark may not be part of the game and lead to bothering
  unsuspecting peoples...

  Using a friend's AOL access, here are a list of screen names suspects (if
  they do exist):

  (Could be mistaken but thought she had a profile a few months ago)

  Sydk (Not really in the game?)

  Member Name: Krivynk Mikael
  Location: Tiranë --- Albania
  Marital Status: Widowed
  Hobbies: Gold and paper
  Computers: Toshiba
  Occupation: Instructor of Chemistry
  Personal Quote: lakm<0>

  Member Name: KDIRAJOR
  Location: BIHAC
  Personal Quote: AJ<O>R IS FULFILLED

  Member Name: Ed
  Sex: Male
  Personal Quote: until we have made our mark, our day is dark...

I did see Kdirectorate on AIM today. I got the same response as posted by someone else who had a conversation with "them".

  November 8, 2001
  [12:52 AM] switchflipper8: Hi
  [12:53 AM] switchflipper8: <0>
  [12:53 AM] switchflipper8: Tell me about Rambaldi.
  [12:53 AM] Kdirectorate: Hand to the Eye.
  [12:54 AM] switchflipper8: Can you point me to the Eye?
  [12:57 AM] switchflipper8: Hand to the Eye?

  If anyone is online right now, they're still on AIM. It's one of the AOL addresses on the Rambaldi forum.

  On the followers site, theres: from the eye <0> to the hand So, from the eye <0> to the hand.. Hand to the Eye. Perhaps this is a greeting of some sort?
 "From the Eye to the Hand."
 "Hand to the Eye."

zephyr_hex 1/19/02 10:18 pm

  i emailed kdirajor after seeing him online.  this is the response i received today:

 i am sorry i did not know that you knew Anna?  But perhaps we are talking about a different Anna. Be well. we will be  in  touch i am sure.

zephyr_hex 1/17/02

  SewerrUrchin: i think you might be interested in this:
  Kdirajor: What is that supposed to do. I get a browser with
  nothing in it .?
  SewerrUrchin wants to get list of files.
  Kdirajor's software does not support GetFile requests.
  Kdirajor: i am must to go, sorry!%mos
  Kdirajor signed off at 12:32:43 PM.

zephyr_hex 1/17/02

  SewerrUrchin: i think you might be interested in this:
  Kdirajor: What is that supposed to do. I get a browser with
  nothing in it .?
  SewerrUrchin wants to get list of files.
  Kdirajor's software does not support GetFile requests.
  Kdirajor: i am must to go, sorry!%mos
  Kdirajor signed off at 12:32:43 PM.

aliaseven  1/21/02 9:08 pm

  MarshallF is on aim now:

  section one opr7: <O>
  MarshallF: hi
  section one opr7: hi :-)
  MarshallF: who is this?
  section one opr7: a seeker of rambaldi
  MarshallF: what do you want?
  section one opr7: is there any course i chould take?
  MarshallF: up to y ou
  section one opr7: any ideas on how to proceed?
  MarshallF: nope you take it
  section one opr7: ok
  MarshallF: ok, then.
  section one opr7: so when will your webpage be ready?
  MarshallF: don't know.
  section one opr7: anything else new or interesting?
  MarshallF: nope, what about you?
  section one opr7: oh jsut the artifact on raambaldi. not sure if
  there's something else to it. or th passphrase to the stegged
  pictures on the profiles page

willingthrall 1/25/02 9:25 pm

  willingthrall: Hello
  willingthrall: <o>
  willingthrall: I believe SD-6 has a Rambaldi artifact
  unityvice: greetings
  unityvice: Who are you with? I believe the weather is a bit cold today.
  willingthrall: What's your recommendation for steganography software for the Mac?
  willingthrall: I work for those who would join the hand to the eye
  willingthrall: Who are you with?
  Yahoo! Messenger: unityvice has signed out

willingthrall  1/27/02 5:34 pm

  willingthrall: Sydney sent me
  unityvice: Find the briefcase ok?
  willingthrall: Not recently. Back when you had a post on The
  unityvice: Sorry, thought you were someone else.
  Yahoo! Messenger: unityvice has signed out

signalost  Date:  Thu Feb 28, 2002  6:19 am
 Right after I posted, I just received this AIM with KDir0:

 kdir0: It is not safe right now.
 me: when will it be safe?
kdir0: I cannot comment.
 me: so we should wait
 kdir0: No comment.
 kdir0: http://geocities.com/kdirectorate_0/
 kdir0 signed off at 10:12:44 PM.

 switchflipper       Date:  Fri Mar 8, 2002  10:43 pm

 Met with rulerfrog online tonight. They invited me into a private room on Yahoo. Here's the log of the exchange.

 You are in "RF:1" ( Welcome )
 switchflipper joined the room
 rulerfrog: Thank you for meeting with me.
  switchflipper: No problem.
  rulerfrog: You've been very persistent in pursuing the program lately.
  switchflipper: *nod*
  rulerfrog: I need to tell you something.
  switchflipper: Do tell.
  rulerfrog: Would you like to hear it?
 switchflipper: Yes, I would!
  switchflipper: Can you provide me with any insight on this 'program'?
  rulerfrog: http://www.thewatcherz.com/sources/barc4.jpg
  rulerfrog: Have you read this already?
 switchflipper: Yes, I've seen that.
  rulerfrog: Well, there's more.
  rulerfrog: The good news is -- The program is very far ahead of
  schedule, and we have almost collected all necessary information.
 rulerfrog: The bad news is -- The program will be officially
  terminated within the next week.
  switchflipper: Hrm..
  rulerfrog: Please prepare the others.
   rulerfrog left the room

switchflipper   Date:  Sun Mar 10, 2002  12:38 pm
 switchflipper 8: <0>
 kdir0: What.
switchflipper 8: I seek the key.
 kdir0: She is what she is, but not what she seems.
 switchflipper 8: Who is she?
kdir0: You know.
switchflipper 8: ML?
kdir0 signed off at Sun Mar 10 15:36:35 2002.
I thought "she" might be referring to the Mona Lisa.. *shrug*



An E-mail to Marshall Flinkman returns this automatic response:

Subject: Response!

 Yeah, hi, I'm not exactly sure what I'm supposed to say in one of these things.
 So, um, thanks.  I'll try to get back to you as soon as I'm done processing.


 Marshall Flinkman
Online Processing
 e: marshall.flinkman@creditdauphine.com

(contributed by Nicole)


It came from sv@kolabs.ru (Russia?)

  .: thought you might find this interesting:  http://geocities.com/rulerfrog

  A Friend


Got this when I tried to email the address posted on the original "NEW EMAIL?" msg:
  This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.
  Delivery to the following recipients failed:


This email was received as the only reply anyone got to messages sent to the email address on the web site. This is reminiscent of one of messages received from the Finch email address earlier in the puzzle's history. [Ed. note: Roberto Orci is one of the writer/producers of Alias.]


  From : "J.R. Orci" <rulerfrog@yahoo.com>
  To : ~ * ~ <frozensunset@hotmail.com>
  Subject : Re: The Watcher
  Date : Mon, 31 Dec 2001 13:22:38 -0800 (PST)

  Thank you for the kind e-mail regarding the news site. As far  as whether there is truth to the articles I post ~ That's for the readers to decide... I only supply the info which I feel is often  neglected by the mainstream press (some of it is pretty  entertaining as well). That e-mail you received directing you to the site is quite odd, though I'm not familiar with the  sender... If someone out there is publicizing my site, I assure  you they don't work for me. However, it does explain a few odd things lately. Thanks for the heads up.

  The Watcher

                                         1/30/02 8:57 am

  I sent an email to rulerfrog, and this is the response I got...

  Subj: Re: question
  Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 10:05:38 PM Eastern Standard Time
  From: The Watcher <rulerfrog@yahoo.com>

  Thanks for the email. No, I don't advertise the
  website anywhere -- people more or less find it by
  word of mouth. As far as story submissions go -- I
  get links sent to me all the time, and I pick the ones
  I think are interesting and/or relevant
  (intelligence/espionage/military, politics,
  "conspiracies", science & technology, or whatever...)
  On occasion, people will write and submit their own
  articles via email -- of course I give them full
  credit if they are posted on the site. For these, all
  I ask is coherent writing and decent punctuation (I'm
  not an editor.) If you have anything to submit please
  send it in -- it saves me the work of digging up

  The Watcher

  I wrote:
  > I'm curious about your site--do you advertise it
  > anywhere? There was an article submitted about a
  > month ago from unityvice on yahoo--do you accept
  > stories from everyone who submits? What does one
  > have to do to submit a story? Please let me kn<o>w.
  > Thank you.


...and he did post the link on the flying rods.

  So apparently it is a legitimate site OR the mole wants us to think so.