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Highlighted letters during episodes
Star Trek Lore in Alias
South Park references in Alias
More jpegs with hidden files.
Cyan McCullough
Sidney Gottlieb, MK ULTRA and Polyphonic code.
Dead Letter from Steven Gordon
Letter from Sloane as it appeared on the ftp site
Binary translator

Letters in place names and possible solution:
During the program (beginning with episode 2) there are graphics with place names that highlight one letter of the name.  So far they are:

Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Malaga, Spain
Los Angeles
Sao Paulo
Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Credit Dauphine
Hong Kong
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Los Angeles


As it happens these letters are not a very long anagram, but the codekey for the final solution. (That sounds ominous, doesn't it?)  The underlined letters were from "The Box" episode where it was believed that those three letters were highlighted in the Credit Dauphine sign.  They don't appear to be needed for the solution.


Perhaps many of you are familiar with the little inside game that some shows have that make references to Star Trek. In particular the use of the number 47, which is part of what's called the 47 conspiracy in Star Trek parlance. Since Alias is all about conspiracies, I thought it was appropriate that they started from the get-go with their use of the number 47 and other little nods to Star Trek. Like Sloane. Sloan is a key figure in the covert intelligence agency that operates outside the confines of Star Fleet Intelligence called Section 31. Then another SD6 agent is called Dixon. As in Dick Dixon who is a holosuite character Jean-Luc Picard plays (a private detective).
 The 47s  found so far:
Pilot: Marshall says he would have made his camera hold 47 exposures.
Ep 2: Death date on Milo Ivanov's headstone is 1974 (inverted 47)
Ep 3: Identification number on the photo of the device Sydney stole is
6867 8795 245 487 8739 (four sevens).
Ep 4: None.
Ep 5:  When Sydney is reviewing her father's records that Vaughn gave to her, there is a page titled Mission Summary Contents that lists page numbers and code numbers.  One of the code numbers is 74774-099.
Ep 6: The gallery owner used a keypad to enter a code to enable his motion-sensor alarm.  The number he entered was 2472.
Ep 7: None. The best I can come up with is that there is no 47 in episodes 4 and 7.
Ep 8: The initials on the screen in the briefing room: G. D. (7 4)
Ep 9: There are four sevens: Room 417 in hospital, 1971, 72 hours and the address 7 Spring.
Ep 10: Suite 47
Ep 11:
Ep 12:
Ep 13: the code to open the vault was: 927465398107
Ep 14:  the passcode Will Tippin entered was 4747
Ep 15: Page 47

Other 47s:

Sydney's birthday is 4-17-74 (another inverted 47)
The URLs from the chatbot were:
The Circuit Route number on the satellite photo is: 187273847999
The IP on the DayforNight site map is and four of the station stops are next to each other:
  017 Manifesto
  027 Mission
  037 Style
  047 Control
katejones clipping: Attachment : item7741c.jpg (182k)
telephone conversation: vkd-674.wav file
blueprint:  474747.jpg

  I wrote Rambaldi. Alisha responded "...So what, then?" I
  typed <o>. Alisha responded "47". Anyone know what this
  might mean?


South Park references:

And, just for fun, did anyone catch when Mr. Lambert (the jerk senior CIA agent temporarily assigned to Sydney) accidently called Danny Kenny?
He said something about being sorry Kenny was killed. [Oh, my god, they killed Kenny!]

Francie's boyfriend Charlie has a nephew named Kenny, which suggests the nephew isn't long for this world.


Letter from Sloane as it appeared on the ftp site.

From arvin.sloane@creditdauphine.com Thu Oct 18 11:18:30 2001
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 11:18:30 -0500 (CDT)
From:  <arvin.sloane@creditdauphine.com>
Fcc: sent-mail
Message-ID: <Pine.LNX.4.33.0110181345050.3111@creditdauphine.com>
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=US-ASCII
Message-ID: <000701c15e6e$8b9bedb0$6502a8c0@bird>\n
MIME-Version: 1.0\n
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X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V5.00.2919.6700\n
Status: RO\n
Content-Type: text/html;\n
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable\n
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">\n
<META content=3D"text/html; charset=3Diso-8859-1" =\n
<META content=3D"MSHTML 5.00.2920.0" name=3DGENERATOR></HEAD>\n
<BODY bgColor=3D#ffffff>\n
<P><FONT size=3D2><STRONG>Date: 10.18.2001<BR></STRONG><BR><BR>Herr=20\n
Schiller,<BR><BR>Thank you again for your last note, and your =\n
communication by=20\n
wireless.<BR><BR>We are proceeding with the arrangement, in the agreed =\n
as<BR>discussed. Per our written initiative, there should now be a=20\n
clear<BR>understanding now that you and I will discuss (in confidence =\n
what<BR>you are supplying to us upon your arrival to the US.<BR><BR>Rest =\n
that your trust in me will remain unbroken.&nbsp; You are<BR>serving all =\n
mankind with your benevolent action.&nbsp; Expect to be<BR>contacted by =\n
one of=20\n
our operatives in the near future.&nbsp; When extraction<BR>is complete, =\n
and you=20\n
are safe.&nbsp; I look forward to continuing our<BR>discussions in=20\n
person.<BR><BR>We shall speak soon ? all is in good=20\n
order.<BR><BR>Yours,<BR>Arvin Sloane, Branch=20\n
Director<BR><BR><BR><BR>&gt;Greetings Sloane.<BR><BR>&gt;I shall be =\n
alert to=20\n
your service. I know I am to await<BR>&gt;your agent and will viste with =\n
only when the time<BR>&gt;is approprate. FTP location and inhalers can =\n
be &gt;=20\n
discussed then, I am<BR>&gt;certain you understand the<BR>&gt;urgency of =\n
predicament. My e-mails will take more<BR>&gt;time because I have to =\n
write in=20\n
english....<BR><BR>&gt;Be =\n


There is a binary translator here


More jpegs with hidden files.


  Ok..I was bored, I downloaded practically every image from ABC's official site. Here are the files/locations that contain jphide hidden files:






Who is Cyan McCullough?
 Here is what I've pieced together so far.

  1. McCullough was heavily involved with project HAZE as of 11 May 1953. Project HAZE is obviously connected in someway to Sidney's current operation, as this Shepard character seems to have been "programmed" in a manner consistant with the experiments mentioned in the newly discovered memos.

  2. McCullough is currently involved in high-level SD-6 operations, as evidenced by his mention in the RUSSEK memo from a few weeks ago (cc: Sloan, McCullough).

  3. Given that McCullough's age must be well beyond the standard retirement threshold, and that he is presently included in Sloane-level discussions, I think it's safe to assume that McCullough might just be the highest ranking SD-6 personality that we can presently identify.

  The fact that McCullough has turned up in two separate "hidden" files suggests to me that we should keep our eye on him, whoever he is.

(extra info below from the Yahoo Groups)
  Lunat61 posted this in response to the above comment in the AliasGames Group.

Cyan McCullough's address is on one of the memos as:
  "The Hotplate"
  1481 Marple Rd. #2112
  Chicago, IL. 60604

  If anybody noticed, Sidney Gottlieb was the scientist that signed the memos in which CYAN was referenced.
 Sidney Gottlieb worked for the CIA in the 50's (for real)and among other things was their chief inventor and also the guy in charge of all the LSD mind control experiments.


  Several sidenotes/dead ends since I was bored today:

  siglosx (no relation to me) on the Rambaldi posts claims to be Dave from
  Siegle Photography. Doing a search on Siegle Photography leads to
  photodave.com. Registration information says he's from Hollywood,
  which is plausible since the Rambaldi site says he's from Los Angeles. So
  far I haven't seen any steg files there, and the site is not registered to Eric
  Scott. So he may not be part of the game. However, it's odd that they
  would use that person's name and business on the Rambaldi site. On the
  other hand, the site has clunky frames just like the sites so far on the
  An outside link on photodave.com leads to an unrelated website

  As another sidenote tidbit, an odd coincidence which may have nothing
  to do at all with the game... ant33 mentions "acquisition" on EBay which
  pulls up quite a few Star Trek results. I randomly clicked on a non-Star
  Trek link
  )which said to look at tektronix.com for the specs. (No hidden steg file
  on that pic on EBay btw). Later I see a hotmac.com email address on
  the Rambaldi site. I check out the website, which happens to offer free
  email accounts. One of them is a TekMail.com address. Just out of the
  blue I decided to see if Tek.com exists since it would make a cool email
  address, which led me to tektronix.com -the same website I was looking
  at earlier. It's just a coincidence, but kind of an odd one at that how I
  came up with the same website, twice, that has nothing to do with the
  game (although that site had frames too).

  Lastly, I first discovered dayfornight the week before the Alias show
  began from the official website. The audio section had streaming
  Realplayer files -one which was a dead link and pointed to dayfornight.
  Several days later, the links to the audio were fixed.

  Altogether it seems that Eric Scott likes to incorporate clunky frames,
  many of which serve no purpose, on all the involved websites thus far.

  Oh and there's a couple of satellite pics(not stegg'ed
  http://bobcat.peru.edu/~nanse/sat.htm ) supposedly of Peru I stumbled
  across when looking at thetruewheel last month -messy pages that don't
  seem like they were intended for the game either and appear to have
  been made back in the late 90's. If anything is done for the game with
  that site, I guess we'll see.


Sidney Gottlieb, MK ULTRA and Polyphonic code


  ok, i found a web site that has something called "john donne journal" with what appears to be an essay by Sidney Gottlieb, and some really cheezy muzak :P

  Sidney Gottlieb. Elegies Upon the Author: Defining, Defending, and Surviving Donne. 23-38.
 check out < http://social.chass.ncsu.edu/jdj/ > volume 2 #2


  >my point was that a Sidney Gottlieb wrote some kind of
  essay that was included in a John Donne journal. i thought that these TWO
  key names appearing in the same place was rather odd, especially since
  it was the John Donne 'no man is an island' which led us to the
  Gottlieb document. why did they use John Donne's poem to program Shepard,
  as opposed to 'mary had a little lamb' or something else? i haven't seen anything which makes this explicit, but i'm
  thinking that the CIA Sidney Gottlieb is NOT the same Sidney Gottlieb

  A picture and profile of the MKULTRA Dr. Gottlieb:

  I am also skeptical if they are the same person. It is rather odd if they aren't.  As far as why they didn't use "Mary had a little lamb" or other simple phrase, I suppose that they would want  something so specific that the odds of accidental trigger  would be low.

 Also the wizards link on the last post mentions the following  paragraphs in regards to the sounds of phrases or "polyphonic code":

  "Dr. Phillip Morton, a linguistics professor at the University of Southern California, developed a theory that the works of William Shakespeare revolved around an accidental discovery on the playwright’s part: the notion that certain phonic vibrations could produce specific emotions, regardless of the connotations of the words themselves. Dr. Morton believed Shakespeare had used his discovery to elicit laughter, sadness, regret -- whatever would make his audiences beg for more. Morton also theorized that Shakespeare’s "psychophonic code" could likewise erase a people’s memory of having seen a show. They would pay the price of entry, have a wonderful time, then forget they were ever there -- and come back to see it again.

 Obviously, this was of great interest to Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, the CalTech genius in charge of MK-ULTRA. Gottlieb "appropriated" Morton’s work, and after Dr. Morton had taken the research as far as he could, the CIA arranged for him to take an extended leave, "for health reasons." In his absence, Gottlieb turned Morton’s notes over to his assistants, re-naming the program "Project Dandelion." Their research turned up an astounding range of applications, with two drawbacks. First, subjects had to be "prepared" for psychophonic receptiveness with a series of coded suggestions, making it useless for short-term applications.

 Second, speaking the phrases that the CIA experts developed had the same effect on the speaker as the listener, meaning you could command someone to laugh, cry, or obey without question -- but you would do the same. At the very least, it made learning the psychophonic phrases a nearly impossible task. "

  Devotion 17 poem with the "no man is an island":


Dead Letter found at

  From steven.gordon@creditdauphine.com Fri Dec 07 11:13:10 2001\nNewsgroups:\nDate: Fri, 07
  Dec 2001 11:13:10 -0500 (CDT)\nFrom: <steven.gordon@creditdauphine.com>\nFcc:
  1.0\nContent-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=US-ASCII\nMessage-ID:
  <000701c15e6e$8b9b4db0$6402a8c8@bird>\nMIME-Version: 1.0\nContent-Type:
  3 (Normal)\nX-MSMail-Priority: Urgent\nX-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook 8.5, Build
  4.71.2173.0\nImportance: Urgent\nX-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE
  text/html;\n\tcharset="iso-8859-1"\nContent-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable\n\n<!DOCTYPE
  31275</TITLE>\n<META content=3D"text/html; charset=3Diso-8859-1"
  =\nhttp-equiv=3DContent-Type>\n<META content=3D"MSHTML 5.00.2921.0"
  name=3DGENERATOR></HEAD>\n<BODY bgColor=3D#ffffff>\n<html> <br>Pertaining to
  Task Agent 30408-31275, regarding the mishandling and=\n<br>storing of classified information,
  and password-protected audio=\n<br>inter-visual docs from an unsecured laptop computer.  We
  believe=\nthe=\n<br>unprotected terminal in question was possibly used by agent's
  spouse=\nto=\n<br>send and receive e-mail via a web server mail account, and user,
  or=\n<br>users, may have had access to several peer-to-peer file trading=\n<br>networks; both of
  which are potential security risks.=\n<p>It is not yet clear if any sensitive information was
  compromised. We=\nare=\n<br>currently evaluating the extent of this breach.  A full
  report=\nis=\n<br>pending.=\n<p>Gordon=\n<br> =\n<br> </html>\n