Rambaldi message solution:

On the Followers of Rambaldi web site there are a collection of drawings of a Rambaldi invention.  Click on 'device 9'.  The image contains a faint <O> in white situated over and around a sketch of a gear.  Clicking on that leads to this image.  While this image doesn't appear to have another image imbedded in it, what signalost found was in the source code for the image. In the 'mapping' coordinates this url was found  which contained this image.  The mapping coordinates relate to the upper-left-hand corner of 'device 9' where there is a circle intersected with several lines (a satellite) where the hyperlink is embedded in the illustration.

The first image is of the clock that was seen on episode 8 Time Will Tell.  The second is an aerial photo of the place where the Rambaldi journal was found in Argentina.

Sydney said they were closing on the location and mentioned the waypoint "32.42 by 70.01". Sloan also mentioned they will be going to Mount Aconcagua, which sounds about right.

 the date on the clock was August 16th, 1523 or  16-8-1523 (could also be represented as just 23, it never showed) and 2:22 AM GMT was the time given by Sloane.