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Players have found other sites created by Eric Scott that they have thoroughly scoured looking for clues and puzzle elements.

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According to the domain name registration for Credit Dauphine.com, DayForNight.com registered the domain using Web66.com, which uses Route66.net for the name servers.

Day For Night.com apparently specializes in web design and development according to their website.

DAY for NIGHT has created the experiences you are seeing on thiswebsite as part of an ongoing thesis about reality- and
perception-based multimedia.

This DayforNight site map was captured by signalost


  Although DayFornight may not be directly game related, it appears to be Eric
  Scott's portfolio in media. He is affiliated with music labels and listed as a
  recording label in some areas of the industry. The DayforNight site has a few
  links/mentions to Felicity's NoelCrane.com among other projects.

  What is DayFornight

  DAY FOR NIGHT services as the production umbrella for the artist projects of
  composer/graphic designer ERIC SCOTT.

  Day For Night, an independent project label, releases CDs and cassettes of new
  music and audio; as well, we are a publisher of graphic media, books and
  original software designs. Included in the catalogue are titles of fiction, poetry,
  and essays on modern design and culture...

  There is also DayForNight.org, which has a bit different registration information
  but is registered to Mr. Scott.

  Referring back to the DayForNight site map, I found a backlink to Mr. Petrified
  Forrest at:

  The graphic says Mr. Petrified Forrest is a short film by Matt Reeves. It also
  lists "Marshall's wake" and "Original Score Highlights by Jeffrey Abrahms (the

  About Matt Reeves and short film

  He attended film school at the University of Southern California, where he
  wrote and directed an award-winning black comedy short entitled "Mr. Petrified

  There seems to be a bit of construction that needs to be done in
  DayForNight(The reason for many underconstruction zone links). Just like
  every page thus far

Beginning with the 100 independent artist projects in the catalogue, DAY for NIGHT has more recently expanded its definition to include a variety of intermedia and arts projects for clients includingDisney Online, The Cyber Sci-Fi Network and others.
Disney owns ABC...

signalost (ip listed on DayforNight site map)
  using [ rwhois.concentric.net ]

  Referring data:
  Concentric Network Corporation (NET-CNCX-BLK-2)
  1400 Parkmoor Avenue
  San Jose, CA 95126-3429
  Netname: CNCX-BLK-2
  Netblock: -
  Maintainer: CNCX

  (408) 817-2800
  Fax- - - (408) 817-2630
  Domain System inverse mapping provided by:


willingthrall  1/14/02 1:11 pm

  I found this on a dayfornight page (note that it mentions both "The True Wheel" and "misdirection" and Eric Scott apologized to me for misdirecting me. Hmmmm):

<meta name="keywords" content="fiction, music, art, artists, typography, design, literature, Eric Scott, Eric, Scott, composer, producer, recording artist, web, page, graphic, designer, author, misdirection, new media, intermedia, sonic  contextual, mixed mode, graphic, visual, textual, editions, conceptuals, consultation, experiments, cd, cd-rom, publishers, publishing, html, flash, industry, record, label  labels, bands, Day for Night, Day, Night, Day4Nite, Day4Night, DAforNIGHT, DAYFORNIGHT  Dayfornight.com, NIGHTlink, night link, nite link, H   SPITAL, hospital, The-Depot, The Depot, depot, Refresh, re:fresh, Noelcrane.com, Noel Crane, Rhythm Factory,  Sexus, Sexxus, Von Trapps, Nightfonts, NIGHTfonts,  Found, King FM, Bluebottles, The True Wheel, electronica,  minimalist, techno, ambient, found sound, drum, bass, drum'n'bass, d&b, new electronica, trip hop, jungle, experimental, trance, lo fi, architecture, brand , deliberate , electronic culture, esoteric , graphic language, highway-hypnosis, immersive experience, information-superhighway, independent-projects label, net culture, remote electronic marketplace, encyclopedic, encyclopedia, richer content, total experience, Thoreau, train station, urban kingdom, underground railway travel, urban malaise, virtual community, virtual gallery, Walden">


  Paulette Rochelle-Levy seems to check out. I sent an e-mail to her and it didn't bounce. I did a reverse lookup on her phone number and the name matches.
 John Matthew's San Diego Talent agency checks out via a reverse lookup of the phone number.
 Rose Dileo's e-mail bounced *and* she looks a lot like Noel Crane's cousin Rose at noelcrane.com in the Archives under  photo gallery. But you can see pictures of Eric Scott in the pictures of Rosa at The Depot.. I can't find web pages of the TV show Felicity that mention Noel having a cousin named Rose or Rosa.
  I can't remember if I mentioned that I believe "The True Wheel" to be a reference to a Brian Eno song. That seems to mesh well with Eric Scott's interest in "Ambient" music. However in a web search earlier today I did find one  reference to a "true wheel" on a page about the decoding of the Lorenz code during WWII

Emails from Eric Scott

willingthrall  1/14/02 11:29 am

[response from Eric Scott from a post on his guestbook]
  I asked Eric if the dayfornight sight was just for selling his music and design skills or whether it was part of the puzzle. I asked him to tell me to knock it off if I were poking around his site needlessly.
 He said "Yes, Day For Night and Dayfornight.com are for selling music and multimedia from the Day For Night catalogue. Thanks for visiting the site -- even if you feel your efforts were somehow misdirected. We certainly appreciate the visit, and your note."


  i wrote dayfornight@dayfornight.com and asked for the CV
  http://www.dayfornight.com/about/index.html (click on "About DayforNight")

  this is the response i got:
  To: "zephyr hex" <zephyr_hex@yahoo.com>

  Subject: Re: <o>

  Hey Zep -- Nice to hear from you -- wild subject header -- is it someone's nipple?
  We can send you info -- btw, would you mind sharing where you first learned about us?
  Day For Night

  i also emailed the H O Spital for a prescription, but didn't get a response.

willingthrall 1/23/02 9:40 am

  [Here is the most recent e-mail I have gotten from Eric Scott]

  Sorry it's taken me a while to write back.

  The Netizen's Railcard will eventually take the form of a solid, printed NIGHTlink Railcard. We were originally inviting willing  participants in our "internet railway experiment" to submit photos of themselves  -- and they would get an actual rail pass and travel planner back. Of course, we were INUNDATED with unusual requests, some of which we could not possibly answer to anyone's satisfaction : )
  ...so that feature momentariily fell by the wayside, until further notice.
  But it will definitely be reinstated in the future.

  The CDs are rarely discontinued, but often, as supplies do  occasionally  dip, titles become temporarily unavailable. As we've been trying to remedy  this situation for the long run with our mfr and distribution, CDs are  available by direct contact with the label and the site (this has actually never proven to be a problem, fortunately --but it will improve, we know, with a cart in place!)

  (We were installing a shopping cart while we were hosted at our last ISP, but this didn't work out and we changed hosts when their security proved to be "lax"! So we have temporarily relocated providers...but we may be doing so again in the near future, unfortunately, for similar reasons. Therefore, the shopping cart solution is "off-line" until we find a more permanent  host.)

  Hope all is well in your world -- Thanks, especially, for the visit. Paulette also mentioned you stopped by. Hopefully we may contact you when the DAY 081 Store and Railcard features are online again.



The True Wheel

 hmm. then why thetruewheel.com link on his site?
 http://www.dayfornight.com/home/index.html (hover over the arrow that says "way out")
  the icon and link are still there -- although thetruewheel site is down.
  i emailed him [Eric Scott] and asked him how he came across thetruewheel.com and asked if he could summarize the content that used to be on that page. i didn't get a response :(

A message posted at www.followersoframbaldi.org had a link to this page:
The page contains the following text:



(Still) Under Construction...

: )

email me!

Here are email replies from messages sent to the above address:

This was my response from finch (i mentioned the rambaldi site in my email).
  It's a real person, but it seems really fishy.

  Wow. Is that why I'm getting all this email today? What's up
  with that?  So why did you go to that site then? I went because I was
  doing an assignment for school and liked looking at the drawings.

  + + + + + + + + + + + +
  : ?

  *** ->-> another example: <-<- ***

  I got a response from finch at thetruewheel.com
 expecting an autoresponse, i titled the message "i like your site", really banal, i know, but here's what i just got back:

  From: Finch <lichtundblindheit@t...>
  Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 17:12:01 -0700
  To: Eric <eric@b...>
  Subject: Re: I like your site

  Thanks. It's still in progress though. I think it's going to be
  about poetry, but I haven't had time to write lately (getting a lot of email.)

  Oh well.

  + + + + + + + + + + + +

Licht Und Blindheit (Light And Blindness) was the name of a rare music zine that I found overseas years ago, that inspired me to write poetry. Just something for myself, you know. You should probably know that my original comment to the  Followers' guestbook was half-sarcastic, and something I now regret doing. ...The Followers say they are  "reasonable"... but reason can be a subjective term.

  Sometimes it's best to let sleeping dogs lie. That is all I can say right now.
  Take care.
  + + + + + + + + + + + +

  Hi, just saw your first message now.
  The true wheel is where my page is hosted. It is going to be about poetry I think, but I don't have time these days -- cos I'm getting something like a million emails a day!!  Just kidding. More like a thousand...
  Wow. I don't know what's up with it.
  + + + + + + + + + + + +

  Ps. You really should be careful, I mean about that subject line...
  : &

  I Figure that last line is the only thing of interest. my subject
  line was <o>

Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 15:40:53 -0700
  From: "Finch" <lichtundblindheit@thetruewheel.com> | Block
  Address  | Add to Address Book
  To: "Darth Gravy" <darthgravy@yahoo.com>
  Subject: Re: Budge a Finch...

  Wow. There's that mark again. Please leave me alone. I don't know anything, ok? This is scaring me. Finch.

Joy Division are fantastic aren't they. Anyway, the Followers  thing. I learned that they're very...private. And although there's a website at a .org, the website doesn't always reflect the views of the people who are in control... which you know is so typical on the web. It's like if I took out the name  joydivision.com, and everyone suddenly assumed I was Ian  Curtis...
  Please take care, and tell others to take care as well. I have  received dozens of emails on this subject, and have no real answer why so suddenly... but it does concern me a little...

  + + + + + + + + + + + +



jodievt_98 1/18/02 4:37 pm

  found another site "Ka-Ching" that Eric Scott is working on.
  go to: http://www.kaching-creative.com/

  and all it says on the page is:

signalost  1/19/02 8:30 pm

  Location: http://www.kaching-creative.com/
  File MIME Type: text/html
  Last Modified: Friday, June 29, 2001 9:17:11 PM Local time
  Last Modified: Saturday, June 30, 2001 4:17:11 AM GMT
  Content Length: 1187

  The flash movie appears to be composed of two movie files.
  One with the visual at:
  One with the soundtrack at:
  At face value, considering the last modified date, the site may not be necessarily be puzzle related. The order of events of when it was created to the revealing of the artifact01.jpg may  be coincidental however doesn't rule out the possibility of  passwords or other clues. For one, Petrified Forrest was a short film quite a few years back by Matt Reeves. Then a Mr. Steven Forrest is found on the Rambaldi site. Certain elements seem to appear in different contexts -the puzzle, a short film project, or other Eric Scott involvement. Anyways, what it seems to establish is that some of Eric's creations may have common elements.

  As far as the the three most recent images from the Rambaldi site(722101d, image, and artifact), they all show negative on steg detect.

  What stegdetect shows is that Sloane's, Flinkman's(spelled with 2 n's on the abc site), and Vaughn's have a jphide algorithm. The other profile pictures show up as negative.

  But as we know, stegdetect is not 100% correct or thoroughly reliable; but again, the consistency of only three ABC profile pictures shown as positive on stegdetect while the others are negative may indicate something. Also, stegdetect only looks for Jsteg, JPHide, Outguess, and Invisible algorithms. Camo, S-Tools, and other methods do not appear to have a simple program to serve as an indicator.

signalost  1/19/02 3:36 am

  interesting how the page [new Rambaldi artifact] uses a cascading style sheet named kaching..


Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 09:36:40 -0800

 From: info@kaching-creative.com
 Reply-to: info@kaching-creative.com
Organization: KaChing, LLC
To: "Avery Vincent"
Subject:  Re: code

Hey Avery --

Thanks for finding our site!

As we've been pretty busy, the site's outer appearance is somewhat enigmatic, we know. The blocks of letters and numbers are, in fact, "some kind" of code, yes... Not code in the sense that they're secret, but "code" in the sense that they form part of the visual language of what we do. Some of it developmental at this stage...We endeavor to clarify what this code means one day soon -- that is so much the nature of the creative process.

Although our site does not say so explicitly, we're also proud to
tell you that our work encompasses:

     Consulting: Marketing/Promotional Strategies, Branding
     Corporate Identity Design: Identity marks/symbols for all
     media described below
     Interactive Design: Web sites, wireless, (CD-Rom, DVD)
     Broadcast Design: Motion graphics, title design
     Film Design: Motion Graphics, title design
     Print Design: Collateral: Brochures, annual reports, direct
     mail, supporting marketing materials, CD and other
     packaging, books, posters, invitations, advertising
     Music Design: Music for web sites and other
     commercial/artistic applications

More of this later...please remember to come back and visit us sometime? Of course, we always must also ask how this has come about -- where did you hear about us?

Thanks! Be well in all that  you do --

Live from the KaChing Information Desk

                     KACHING, LLC
info@kaching-creative.com   http://www.kaching-creative.com

melikalani  1/22/02 4:56 pm

  According to the Day for Night site where the KaChing link was found
  a "Toni O'Brien" works at Day for Night.

  There's also a link to www.todesign.com, registered to Toni O'Brien
  (looked up on WHOIS).

willingthrall  1/23/02 9:36 am

  I sent a message to kaching that had the title "Tip of the iceberg" and the body
  "Lucky Boy/Lucky Girl"

  Here is the response I got:

  Hello Willingthrall:

  Wow -- I hope this is how our site makes you feel?
  Needless to say, it's still a work in progress. And in case it wasn't "obvious"...
  : )

  KaChing is a creative agency based in West Los Angeles, emphasizing branding,
  positioning and presenting convergent media solutions to a range of clients in the entertainment, fashion, beauty and technology industries.

  Our work encompasses:

[clip same as above]

  More to come -- stay lucky!
  : )

  Live from the KaChing Information Desk
  info@kaching-creative.com http://www.kaching-creative.com

jodsg  1/24/02 12:08 am

  This was from another e-mail they sent.

  "The numbers on the first page are enigmatic to some of us as well (though
  sometimes, enigma can be the beginning of a great creative dialogue, as with
  much of our own work.) The line that is "almost pi", was intended as an ironic
  suggestion about probability."


Fusion Anomoly

Sorry folks, but apparently I never collected any information about this site because it was too difficult to visit and I didn't care enough about it save any posts relating to it.  Suffice it to say that the site was gone over thoroughly and nothing of substance was reported as being found.