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The front page of this site features a graphic of <0>   When the mouse is placed over the URL, the picture changes to: "WHO.SENT.YOU? WE.ARE.REASONABLE." and the browser status changes to: "we are reasonable men and women".  When the mouse is over the <0>, the browser status says, "who sent you?  prepare to identify yourself."  Click on the graphic to enter.

What the Rambaldi site has contributed to the puzzle:

The first message on the Rambaldi site reads:

Wednesday 10/18/2001 1:31:04 am
 Name: A.
 E-Mail: xxxxxxxxxxxx@??##.xxxx
 Homepage URL:

     Comments: I believe I have what you are looking for.

The URL is no longer active but when it was the following picture (posted to the forum by ahachickens) could be found.

Upon closer inspection this binary code looks like this:


As pointed out on the discussion board, if you look at the 0's, they form a <0> shape (eye of rambaldi) (submitted by bud)  And the numbers in decimals are 165.90.165 (submitted by ahachickens)

snaller noticed that there is a new message on the Rambaldi message board:
from "A"
The comment is: "Look closely where the gear meets the eye."
image 9

signalost  1/19/02 3:35 am


The *link

In the Followers of Rimbaldi website there is a link within the explanation "Who We Are" that is simply an asterisk.  The associated URL is but it doesn't respond.   Quite by accident, it was noticed one day that the URL in the location bar of the client entrance was that same URL.  The day after this discovery was noted on the club forum, the location bar information for the Client Entrance page was changed to


Site updates

This part of the faq was put together by zepher_hex

Some of the Rambaldi links were at one point directly accessible, but not
all of them can be accessed now, or the content has changed.


The followers live every day by the "Numbers", and this is outlined
in the Followers' Bill Of Rights (we will publish this document word-

TONI's notes:
(all of the following is related to numerology - we should
organize/construct a complete effort with cryptology and symbology
AND EDIT THE HELL OUT OF IT. - I included all this info for our
education -and not all meant to be used of course.... ) (a bit of
geometry and symbology is mixed within)( we may not want to use all
of these areas as well - depends on the spin regarding cryptology and
symbology and the <0> and the latest breakthrough section plans)

Voynich Manuscript
Latin appearance, illustrations of plants
Never been successfully interpreted, except for the last paragraph
"You have given me many gates"


Historical Reference

The Followers and their centuries-old mission to unscramble the
secret writings of Rambaldi,

Rosetta stone
Berlin wall
Voynich Manuscript
(I will need help explaining the following?)

Hong Kong back to China
man on the moon
Dalai Lama
Martin Luther King Jr.

United States Lodges
Lodge homepages
Represented in all states?
Cheesy MIDI file: Of Rambaldi Org. theme
Cell ringer?
AOL Member profile
Many many links.
Survival Books
Writings on Religion, Belief,

Who Should Join Us?

The first and most important requirement is that you are an
Objectivist, or a strong sympathizer of our philosophy, our goals and
aspirations.Here are some important things you need to know before
you join us.

1. This site is also monitored by the Mossad, CIA, MI5, FBI and other
Intelligence networks. So, it is very important to provide some
details about yourself IF you join, in your Illuminati Member's Area
Forum profile, only if you are interested in the possibility of being
recruited to work for one or more of the Intelligence networks or
agencies. This is an option, and they only recruit capable and highly
educated persons, and/or persons with powerful connections and/or

2. If you are one who believes in our objectives and feel strongly
about doing something to help us achieve our goals, you are invited
to join.

3. If you have wealth and power and wish to put your resources to a
positive use for the positive efforts of our cause, feel free to join

4. If you are in a country in which you are in a position to make
change, but need further assistance, you have come to the right place.

5. If you meet one of the above and you wish to belong to the most
powerful organization in the world, because you feel you have
something to contribute, you are welcome to join. If the benefits of
joining are not obvious, don't join. Joining us is the first of many

Once you join us, if you see coded conversations going on in the
Illuminati Member's Forum between two or more other persons, do not
ask any questions, because those types of conversations are
intentionally coded, so please stay out of them. But, this will not
happen much, as there is the Private Messaging system which most
members use. Do not divulge any private conversations to anyone.

NOTE: If you have questions such as "Why should I join, what will I
get out of it?" DO NOT JOIN us. Those types of persons are

UPDATE: the text in this link has changed. The above description has been
replaced with:

Who Should Join Us?

We are becoming increasingly concerned by your question.


We, the Followers Of Rambaldi have dedicated our lives to unscramble
the secret writings of the legendary Rambaldi. Fluent in all Latin-
based languages, writing in a special reverse-reading
Hierotic/Demotic, left-reading scripturist and inventor.


signalost 12/2/01 10:59 pm

  Looking at the new view.html (message post webpage) at the page, they've omitted mentions to Dave Siegle. The post was between Sydney H. Kuenstler's and A. Alexander, P.H.P.'s. They also added a webmaster server rest post a few weeks ago to the bottom of the page dated November 20,2001, which is out of order since early posts are supposed to be at
 the bottom of the page.


  Below is what the old post had before they removed the Siegle entry:

  Wednesday 11/28/2000 9:31:18 pm
  Name: Dave
  Homepage URL: http://

  Location: Los Angeles, CA

  Comments: Nice site -- but needs more photos!

  D. Siegle
  Siegle Photography


Morse code message translated

One message features this morse code followed by the message:
-. ... -.--- .--  (From Seattle's Best)
Which when translated comes out as NS*W