Solution to second part of Episode 6 puzzle element.

After sending another email to this automated response was received:

Dear Online Client,

Thank you for your request. Password authentication is a process requiring that a lengthy set of criteria be met.

If you are reading this mail, then your request for authentication has definitely been received, and you will be contacted at the e-mail address from which you submitted -- if, and only if, your credit profile exceeds our standards for clearance.

"How It Pays..." to be patient, sometimes... And your patience is
sincerely appreciated.

The WebMeister

"How It Pays..." refers to this image on the Credit Dauphine site.

The day before episode 6 aired this letter was received from

Were you still interested in learning about our Credit-Smart plan?
It's just a matter of time.

Speak to me sometime about ProgramD.


It's just a matter of time refers to this image from the Credit Dauphine site:

When 'ProgramD' was entered into the chatbot Alisha, her reply was:

If you know about ProgramD, then you are clearly with DProgram.  But is "Yours" Credit-Smart?

switchflipper discovered this solution.

The word SMART in the first picture had a link to a larger version of that same picture.  Using the steg047 program with the passphrase DProgram decodes this part of a letter:

The word YOURS in the second picture linked to a larger version of that picture.
That version could be decoded with the steg047 program to reveal this part of the letter.

  I'm sure this has no significance, but I noticed that the small picture on the CD site says "...yours, not ours", but the bigger picture says "...not ours, yours."