Solution to stegfile:

This information was provided by the chatbot Alisha:

--Shepard? Go to

Going to that URL gave this:

Server Directory
view contents:

The conlan6.jpg is a huge jpeg that has another jpeg coded into it.

The is a small freeware program that can be used to decode the conlan6.jpg

After saving the jpg to your hard drive, open it with the unzipped decoding program.  Use the seek function and enter the passphrase shepard in the prompts.  The program then asks you to save the results.  It is suggested that you rename this new file.  Don't forget to tag it .jpg  (Example: conlan7.jpg) You will see that this new file is considerably smaller.  Open this new file and you will see this:

The original of this comes from
(submitted by zepher_hex)