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Autopsy memo decipher


Original memo can be viewed here.  A.N.- Unsure items are highlighted in red.  



Autopsy Protocol:                                             RC-856-66


Name: Francine D. Calfo

Time of Death: Evening

Place of Death: her restaurant, LA

Time of Autopsy: 2:27 am

Place of Autopsy: Philippines

Autopsy Surgeon: Dr. ???

Source: Sloane and Double 

Witnesses: Double


History of Death: Died at LA pop. ??? of murdered by double B. Bullet shot to head.


External Examination:

1. Measurements normal (5'8")

2. Retinal scan confirms ??? as original.

3. Blood tests normal / high adrenaline levels.

4. DNA transported to comp. files. (Finger prints also.)

5. Extraction of bullets.

6. X-rays show normal bone structure. (minor osteoporosis)

7. File match comes out pos soter

8. Retinas confirmed, as are fingers, bones, feet, & DNA.

9. Internal organ exploration process.

10. Results deemed non-vital (uninteresting).


Subject Background:                                                -3-

DOB: 1/03/75

Height: 5'8"

Gender: F                                         SC SD-6 Archive, 30908-12096

African American



Further A.N.- 1) Francie's personal info (weight, DOB, etc) can be pulled from ABC character profile pages. 2) The handwriting on this memo matches the handwriting on the uncamouflaged UCLA article info. 


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