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  1. What is the BETA puzzle?
  2. How do I get started on the puzzle?
  3. What sites have been updated?
  4. What is the purpose of the Alias Web Puzzle ?
  5. Where can I find more intel on last Season's puzzle?

What is the BETA puzzle?

·         The BETA version of the puzzle was released (we believe) to help PM’s see response and work the “bugs” out of the puzzle before it goes live.

·         Joey’s Pizza and AliasWebPuzzle Yahoo! Group received link from Zephyr_hex who received the puzzle info from the Mole 2 ABC message boards (8/5/02).  The link was posted on the boards by ABC_Keith.

·         Trailhead:

·         This is the BETA version as described by ABC_Keith. PM’s are still working out the bugs.


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How do I get started on the puzzle?

The trailhead to the puzzle is located at: through the official ABC site.  From this site you are connected to the Agent Weiss-bot.  Tell the bot you would like to join the CIA.  After this, he will give you mission information to proceed with.  For more information on the missions, visit the Trail section.

Also remember, the operations are spaced several weeks apart allowing all players to take their time and for everyone to investigate email addresses, in-game sites, and possible hidden items. There is no time limit on your operation completion, and the game is designed so new players can join at any time.  

Other good information for the newcomer is available through the Season 1 FAQ, the Joey's Pizza yahoo group, and further reading this FAQ site. You may also wish to visit the in-game websites to start exploring. Enjoy!

On another note, newcomers can also download the camo & steg software so that they are ready when it is needed.  Zep has provided an excellent guide/how-to here.  

In season 1 some characters communicated with players via Instant Messaging.  This occurred on Yahoo Messenger & AOL IM.  A word of caution here, be careful who you contact & believe. Last season, there were numerous "agents" posing as in-game characters. If you are aware of verified in-game characters, you may go ahead and add them to your Buddy Lists to see if you can catch them online.  Examples: on YAHOO- unityvice, rulerfrog; on AOL- Kdirectorate, SydK. 

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What Season 1 sites have been updated?

Credit Dauphine  ·  Followers of Rambaldi  ·  The True Wheel  ·  Jennings Aerospace · Day for Night · Find Whatever · Kaching Creative · Explanation of Redirects · Rambaldi17 ·  ABC official site

Credit Dauphine

  • The original CD site is located at

  • access is now forbidden.  (Submitted by ldyrsethrn, 8/7/02)

  • has a new update under the Client Server page.  There is a entry spot for an email address, but the Please Authenticate Me button does not seem to respond.  Also, there is a message from PAIV-360 about enjoying CD’s services.  (8/6/02)

  • has a login prompt window for access.

  • 12/13/02, 8:50 am EST- the site is redirecting to an logo stating:



Custom Software for the Internet

Contact Us


The contact us link leads to, which is

an online form to fill out.   (Equi_design)


Other links on the creditdauphine/inxite site:

  • On 4/14/03- the page is now blank, but still hosted by Inxite.

Followers of Rambaldi

The True Wheel

  • The original site is located at

  • finally has an entrance page again.  This site has not been proven in game.  (submitted by SseJ35, 8/6/02). This was also found in the source code: HREF="" onMouseOver="self.status='Send us an e-mail and we will notify you when we go online';return true">

  • The "circle/pie" graphics at the bottom of the front page were found to spell: THE TRUE WHEEL.  (11/7/02 by soursr)

Jennings Aerospace

Day for Night

  • The original site is located at:

  • Day for Night was found in Season 1 and is assumed to be linked to the PM's (Puzzle Makers) of the game.

  • now redirects to logo/clone site. (Zep 8/20/02)

Find Whatever

  • is the link between the Credit Dauphine site and the Followers of Rambaldi site. Hint-Look for the symbol <0>. 

  • 12/13/02- Redirects to a page with-


It looks like the page you requested does not exist.

Try our homepage (homepage word is a link to

  • On 4/14/03- the page is now blank, but still hosted by Inxite.

Kaching Creative

  • The original site is located at:

  • Kaching Creative was found in Season 1 and is assumed to be linked to the PM's (Puzzle Makers) of the game.

  • http// now redirects to logo/clone site. (Equi 8/20)

  • Kaching Creative site was found to be updated.  It now has a new front page and is missing the Kaching Creative pdf one sheet & the flash intro & musical background. (cljagg 11/5/02)

Hometown Rambaldi 17

What do the redirects mean?

Also, I briefly read the season 2 FAQ and would like to clarify a few small things.  

The old main web pages from the season 1 site are still up.  

The ejeffy sites are clones of the original sites. 

What they basically did was alter the name servers to point to a different location, 

Rackspace using Tucows registration tools I believe.  I am able to get the old 

sites via IP. This means stuff like the Artifact picture is still up and the message 

board still tries to contact Alisha with the submit button, but Alisha has been 

taken down. 

(Submitted by Signalost 9/9/02)

For more information on the redirects, please click here.

ABC Official Site
  • On 12/2/02 it was noticed that in Sydney Bristow's profile on the ABC website a change was made to her birthdate.  In Season 1 it was listed as 4/17/74 (note the 47 reference) and this season it now reads 4/17/75.  Whether this change was made to better fit the Project Christmas timeline it is not known. (Willingthrall & equi_design)

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What is the purpose of the Alias Web Puzzle ?

In Season 1, players  were unsure of the purpose of the online game.  However, in Season 2, from the ABC site description- we (the players) are working for the CIA to help bring down the SD cells, namely SD-6.  

Also from the ABC site, there is no award or prize for the game, but satisfaction in it's completion.  Last season, players developed skills in steganography, new software/shareware programs, various cipher codes, html/source code analyzing, and general internet knowledge.  

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How do I find out more about the Season 1 puzzle?

To find more information on last season's puzzle, please read the introduction at this site. Other good sources include the FAQ on the ABC site, the Season 1 FAQ, and this short recap by AveryVincent.  

For those who are really motivated to discover every detail from last season, reading the message posts on either of these Yahoo boards will fill you in- Aliaswebpuzzle and Joeyspizza.  


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