From the hand to the eye...  ALIAS Web Puzzle FAQ

The Alias web puzzle or Alias Online Adventure is a alternate reality game based on the ABC TV show, Alias.  Alias airs Sundays at 9 pm EST. This FAQ is maintained to track the Season 2 puzzle elements. The Season 3 elements can be found here.  Many thanks to SpaceBass at for hosting this site ad-free!

Introduction to the Alias online puzzle 

A quick overview of the Season 1 & 2 puzzles. Includes info helpful to the newcomer.


The Trail

This follows the entire Alias puzzle for Season 2 (includes Weiss Bot operations as well as other developments).


What is the puzzle? How do I start playing? What emails have players received? What sites have been updated? 



Unconfirmed op's or rogue-type puzzles created by players, or not confirmed officially in-game.


Collected Intel

Highlighted Letters, 47, & Signal Lost references by episode

Possible Red Herrings

Steg & Camo 101

In-Game Profiles

Who Is Site Information

Useful Links

Redirect Explanation & Port Info  


This is the FAQ for the Season 2 Alias puzzle.  Please visit this link for information on the season 1 puzzle:  Avery’s FAQ.

The FAQ Season 3 puzzle can be found here.


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Last update: 10/14/03