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Bouncing Email Addy's 

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At the ABC site, the following was found:

·         Game- Description of CIA’s hunt for internet information hidden by rogue elements and the CIA’s recruitment of Internet Operatives.

·         FAQ - including timelines, chapter breakdown, how to use the Weiss-bot.

·         Rules-

·         Communications- Alias On-line Adventure ABC message boards.

·         CIA Ad Button w/ link to Agent Weiss-bot.  

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The Trailhead Post


Zephyr_hex: This post showed up on the Mole 2 Hypothesis Board at 5:33 pm PDT, Aug 2, 2002. 



All: In the coming weeks, we'll be rolling out a new game based on our hit show, Alias. As the game requires skills

in observation, clue-finding, and espionage, I think you all may enjoy playing it. 


If you are interested in playing this sneak peek of the Alias game, check it out at:


You'll have to use this url, as you won't be able to get to the game any other way. You may want

to just cut and paste it into your browser. 


Enjoy, and see you all back here on Tuesday to find out Who Is The Mole?




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Agent Weiss-Bot  

  • This bot is our "handler", he will assign code words & then the agents (players) will respond when the mission is completed with the correct answer.  

  • To Join the Game- Tell the bot you want to join the CIA. Other players have had luck with similar phrases. Weiss-bot will then start you on your missions.

  • Hints from Weiss-bot: If you need help with the mission you are working on, you may post on one of the message boards, or type "Hint: then your current codeword" into the Weiss-bot.  He will then provide a hint for your mission. 

  • To correspond with Weiss-bot about a codeword: type "Codeword: then the current codeword". 

  • Visit the Operations guide for codewords, Weiss-bot missions, answers, and a complete walk through.

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Operation Alpha  

CODEWORD:  Recruit


SUMMARY:  20% of 40% of 500





ANSWER:  10-647811

SUMMARY: Obtain Federal ID of GO Mining


NOTES: GO Mining is in Push, NV. Lots of spelling errors discovered on the website.


CODEWORD:  Intercept

ANSWER:  San Francisco, CA

SUMMARY: Need audition location of Who Wants to be a Millionaire on 8/26/02


NOTES: Contestant's name is Hay Man



ANSWER:  Arcadia

SUMMARY:  In what suburb of LA was DJ Phil Hendrie raised?





ANSWER:  Billy_Marlin_2002

SUMMARY: Who communicated w/ Steve-O on the Minor League message board?


NOTES: Date of post was 7/31/02 between 10 am & 12 pm. DROP or INFO in subject line.



ANSWER:  Room 504

SUMMARY: Get info from post on & Mole 2 chat w/ Katie. Find out about where info was passed to. Need Room #.


NOTES: Info was online at at Mole 2 chat. Billy asked about the hotel. Hotel Schweizerhof in St. Moritz.




The following is an email that was received back from players from Agent Weiss: 

-----Original Message-----

From: Weiss, CIA []

Sent: Monday, August 05, 2002 3:56 PM

To: J.S

Subject: RE: Operation Alpha



Good job. You caught the attention of some pretty good people here.

We're doing an analysis on the documents recovered in St. Moritz. I'll

keep you in the loop as much as we can. Looks like you've completed your first operation!


Contact me via the SecNetComm in a few days; I'm not sure what I'll have you doing, since your application to join the CIA is still under review, but I'd like to keep you involved on this investigation. Your next mission Codeword is "Barrel". Don't lose it.

Again, nice work. Don't respond to this email.




From: ******** (Vaughn)

To: ********* (Weiss)

cc: **********; ********

Subject: FWD: Operation Alpha




Your new op did good here.


B-ball at 7. Catch a ride?





From: ******** (Freelancer)

To: ********* (Vaughn)

cc: **********; ********; *********; ********; ********; ********;


Subject: RE: Operation Alpha




The info from our internet operative was good.


I went into the Hotel Schweizerhof with no problem, and found the

package in room 504, under the nightstand, exactly where it was expected.


Hotel records show a Bertrand Arceneaux had stayed in the room not too

long ago; I found a single reference to a Burt Arceneaux on an old

roster of French agents suspected of working with SD-8. I feel

comfortable this is the same man.


I've forwarded the envelope and its contents - a stack of parchment with numbers, looks like a spreadsheet - to analysis. I'll have the results soon.<


So, mission accomplished.  Thank Weiss for the intel.


Original Message Follows:



Summary of Operation Alpha

<Your original message here>


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Operation Numbers  

Turned on by Weiss-bot on 8/28/02.


CODEWORD:  Barrel (Activated 8/27/02)

ANSWER:  Ironic Twist  

SUMMARY:  Find Squaw Valley operatives name. Posted on message board at



  • One new email address:

  • Ironictwist posted on board with the following message: “Has anyone taken it -- the drop off The Wall? 

    I love taking risks, from St. Moritz to LA>>> Anything with high numbers.   Email me, I have lots of info to share.” 

    Posted on 8/22/02 at 4:08 PDT.



ANSWER:  egreetings

SUMMARY:  Locate a spreadsheet missing a critical piece of information.  Tracking down SteveO.

WEBSITES USED:, (message), (ecard).


  • was derived from the codeword being astral. Post on board was by steveomahoney on 8/22/02, 19:56. Message:NASA just drops all the balls. I love these government agencies and their pathetic lackeys. They move so slow, a dead dingus would outpace them. I sent you a card, Bill. Did you not get it? Prove to me that you get what you pay for, and not a half-hearted attempt like NASA gives. SO”


CODEWORD:  Tracker

ANSWER:  35 14 3 31 77 6 55 49 14 22

SUMMARY:  Continue tracking down SteveO. 



  • Ecard message reads: “The bonds are friendship are strong, especially when one gives unconditionally, as I have. I need the second half of the story! Until then, I'll be reading movie reviews of Eight Legged Freaks on SO” 

  • Two new email addresses: and

  • Go to and search for Eight Legged Freaks.  At the bottom of it’s page, there is a place to post your own reviews.  Click Read More. There is a post from Billy Marlin-  Post: “great legged film! see it this is a great movie. it hits the mark on everything it sets out to do. props to the writer, too. see this movie and have some fun for a change. do we always need depressing arthouse films? this is not a film for an idealist. or goofy film elitist. go out and volunteer in your community to see light, fun films that we need from time to time!
    i loved that this film was set in arizona. great use of saguaro national park.

  • Go to (from the bolded letters in the above message).  Go to the community page.  At the message boards, look for the topic Volunteer in your Community (also from above message).  This message is posted by WillieFish on 8/26/02 at 5:52pm.  “ Volunteer in Arizona state park. give us a PAT on OUr backs, and volunteer to help us clean up a national park! check the weather at, grab a board and head out for some recreation in arizona's greatest national park, saguaro national park! help us keep it neat and clean.
    see you all out there!


  • Above post directs to Visit the site and select the Boards & Forums under the Interact area (derived from the above message).  Select the Recreation topic. Then the National Parks topic.  This message is posted by b.A. on 8/27/02 at 1:53 pm.  this is the last part of our trip before our final destination. what an incredible park! a total value, and not as crowded as grand canyon. for finding this place, i am so smart, i'm JUZt a genIUS!
    well, on to my final destination so i can sign the guestbook.

  • To find the guest book mentioned above.  Notice the capitalized letters and signatures throughout the messages.  The letters under his signature (ba) change.  Put these together and it comes out as a=u.  Create a cipher text where a=u. 


A                 u

B                 v

C                 w

D                 x

E                 y

F                  z

G                 a

H                 b


J                  d

K                 e

L                  f

M                 g

N                 h

O                 i

P                 j

Q                 k

R                 l

S                 m

T                  n

U                 o

V                 p

W                q

X                  r

Y                 s

Z                  t


  • Then decipher the capitalized letters from the messages.  BOKCYUAXIK = viewsource.  PAT OU = junio.  XQERK = rkyle. JUZ IUS= dot com.  So view source at  We also need to look in the guest book according to B.A. last message. 

  •  is Junior Kyle’s guestbook.  The following message is posted by WillieFish. “Your site is the bomb! I also really like the inside of your crib. Thanks for letting me post on it!” Once again hinting to look inside (the source code).

  • In the source code near WillieFish’s post you find these numbers:  35 14 3 31 77 6 55 49 14 22.



The following email was received back from players from Agent Weiss:



I've got our best analysts confirming what our expert suggests in her

email below. If she's right - and she's always right - you've uncoveredd

something potentially huge.


You've been approved to stay on this through completion. Your next

mission will start with "Codeword: Flower". It should be active soon.


Don't respond to this email. I'll be in touch.





To: ********* (Weiss)

cc: **********; ********; *********

Subject: RE: Operation Numbers



I've got good news and bad news.

The good news is, I know what these numbers are. They're the end result of a logarithm.


The bad news? The logarithm appears to be a lost formula known as "Maimonides' Enigma."


Maimonides was a Jewish scholar from Spain, who mostly focused on philosophy and law, but he was also a mathematical genius. It was

rumored that he had created a mathematical system that could accurately predict buying trends, based on market flow and, more importantly, human tend

encies and behaviors. No one could ever substantiate the claim, however, and has been the source of frustration for scholars for almost 800 years. Until now.


The full spreadsheet, which you saw is quite massive, is identical to the market flow of the Nikkei index from last week. It is very clear that it had been produced at least two weeks ago.


If this formula is this accurate, anyone who has unlocked the secret of Maimonides' Enigma could corner every stock market in the world inside of two months, and wreak havoc on the world economy. I'd recommend finding whoever has the complete formula. Quickly.


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New Messages posted in relation to puzzle after Operation Number was solved


9/30/02 by cljagg2000-

I was looking at the old sites and found a new post by Ironic Twist
at expn on 9/23:
"Have you taken the drop off The Wall? I have, and it's awesome. Much
better than what you can find in Switzerland.
Lots of others claim they have, but they haven't. I'm the real deal.
Email me for more info.
IronicTwist "

Also a post by Steve O on 9/26:

"nasa still DROPs all the balls

These government monkeys couldn't create a viable space operation to
save the planet. But I can. And to think they WON'T take Lance Bass'
money...take it!

I sent you another card, Bill. Get it this time. Prove to me that you
get what you pay for, and not a half-hearted attempt like NASA gives.
SO "

The bonds are friendship are strong, especially when one gives
unconditionally, as I have.
I need the second half of the story!
Until then, I'll be reading movie reviews of Eight Legged Freaks on


I believe the egreeting is basically the same, even though its new
and the review on hasn't been updated since the 8/27 post.
So it seems to me that the first two posts could be a new clue, but
then dead ends at the egreeting?????? -cljagg2000


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Ironic's Email

Ironic's email address: You can view her profile here


CLJagg2000- From I sent her a message the other day asking for Steve O. info: 

Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 16:25:08 (PDT)

From: "Nikki Marlea" 

Subject: Re: Squaw Valley Drop

To: "CL Jagg" 


Sorry, i have no info to share. nope. I don't know you.


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Billy Marlin's Emails

Billy's email address: You can view his profile here


Zephyr_hex 8/30/02-

From Burt Arceneaux Fri Aug 30 16:38:24 2002
X-Apparently-To: via -40.-120.-29.57; 30 Aug
2002 16:38:26 -0700 (PDT)
Return-Path: <>
Received: from (EHLO
( by with SMTP; 30 Aug 2002
16:38:25 -0700 (PDT)
Received: from gomailjtp05 ([]) by
(Sun Internet Mail Server sims.4.0.2001. with ESMTP id
<> for; Fri,
30 Aug 2002 16:39:09 -0700 (PDT)
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 16:38:24 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Burt Arceneaux" <>
Subject: Re:
To: "zephyr hex" <>
MIME-version: 1.0
X-Mailer: GoMail 3.0.0
Content-type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1
Content-transfer-encoding: 7BIT
Content-Length: 645


cljagg2000 8/30/02-

I sent an email to the addy with "BA" in the subject line and only <0> in the body of the email and I got this tonight: 

Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 16:42:44 (PDT)

From: "Burt Arceneaux"

Subject: Re: BA

To: "CL Jagg"


Don't mess with people you don't know. 


Equi_design 9/4/02-

Nice use of code. I'm sure the feebs will have a tough time decoding 
this one. The novel was completed days ago. The question is, have YOU read it?
Too bad no one has the last chapter but me.
-----Original Message-----
From: "J.S"<>
Date: Mon Sep 02 12:50:17 PDT 2002
Subject: <0>
>Be careful... agent to agent communiques are being
>monitored. Do you have the algorithm decoded yet?


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Operation Cornerstone


CODEWORD:  Flower (active 10/4/02)

ANSWER:  458361-13

SUMMARY:  Find PO # for front company that is being used by Steve O & Billy Marlin to purchase remaining

pieces of the Enigma. 

WEBSITES USED: (under the music section),,,,, 


"Don't Drop This Music When You Board!"

I jam to New Found Glory. Gives me a total rush. Great rhythm.

I'm a HUGE Fan for 'em.

It was such a shame when Cyrus broke his arm! The second one, not the first.



NFG Never Lets The Quality Drop

Seriously, NFG has shown moe growth over the past 2 years than ANY OTHER BAND ON THE PLANET. That's immense! These guys can play my wedding ANY day :)

Check out my NFG tribute that I posted ona friend's site:

Don't post back to me here--email me!

IronicTwist 10/4/2002 2:12:32 PM - by Ironic Twist


  • This message directs you to a site that shows a "Right Click Here to Download Me!" link.  It's a MP3 file that is a recording of what sounds like a voicemail. (Hint- use Real Player or AOL media player, others may work as well.) Here's the message from Billy Marlin to Darcy- "start of message...Darcy, I'm stuck in some pit called Andover, Kansas. Can you please check small town newspapers for further instructions? I'm trying to track this # down. Thank you...end of message."

  • From this MP3,  visit, Click on the link List All Papers (at the top of the screen). Then scroll down to the Kansas link for Andover Journal Advocate.

  • The Andover Journal page lists this site for the newspapers online edition: Click on the Forum link (left column of the page). Look for a post by Billy Fish: Topic: I enjoyed your town, Name: Billy Fish, Body: I just stopped off in your town overnight on my way to Antigua. You have a wonderful town, and a wonderful newspaper. And to the lovely woman Darcy who helped me:I promise to send you the PO # at my next stop. G-d Bless Andover! Billy Fish

  • The message from Billy gives his next stop: Antigua.  Back to, List all Papers, then look for the paper from Antigua. That pages gives this link for the online edition of The Antigua Sun- Click on the Guestbook Link on the left column of the page. Look for this post by Billy Marlin- This post gives the PO number.  (Note- The IP address in this profile does not appear to be valid)

    Name: Billy Marlin Email Address:
    URL: N/A City: Jupiter
    State/Province: FL Country: US
    Date: 10/4/2002 4:51:31 PM IP Address:
    Comments: Anyone know where I can find that girl Darcy? She gave me her number, 458361-13. I need to close the deal!


ANSWER:  Ndume and 4194887655

SUMMARY:  Help Ironic Twist find the 2 directory structures from GoMining is the front company that is associated with the above PO number.  Ironic also left this message- "SoYouWanna Buy a New Pair of Shoes."

WEBSITES USED:,, Lat/Lon look up such as-,


  • From Ironic's message, go to and click on the Bulletin Board tab in the upper right corner. From here look for Ironic's topic about shoes.  (Hint- the easiest way is to do a Find on the page {ctrl+F} for 'shoes'.)  This post is from Ironic Twist-|QUS|&number=101&DaysPrune=1000&LastLogin= Author: Ironic Twist, Topic: Drop your sneakers & go hiking. Date: 10/3/02, 5:50 pm, Body: 

    Sneakers are best for hiking; I need help finding my two favorite paths:

    1) I forget, but it's named after the gorilla Koko's new lifemate

    2) Around Wrigley Field. For fun, see if you can locate Wrigley Field by its latitude and longitude, in order. Disregard periods.

    Can anyone help? If so DON'T post here, just email me.

  • To solve item 1- Go to a search engine and search for keywords (like Koko, gorilla, lifemate). From here look under the news to find the new gorilla companion's name is Ndume. 

  • To solve item 2- in the Links section of Joey's Pizza ( is a lat/long search at Type "Wrigley Field" into the search field.  The following results are found- lat: 41.948ºN, and long: 87.655ºW. 

  • Note- trying the and as subdirectories on provides error pages. 

CODEWORD:  Smackdown

ANSWER:  Pol Woleski

SUMMARY:  Use the intel gathered above and website provided to derive the name to whom the previous PO was issued.



  • The following PO's are listed on this page- October, 2002
    PO#: 458361-01
    Payee: Sprows, Inc.
    Amount: $36,353.21
    Reason: Prop. Management fee

    PO#: 458361-02
    Payee: Hawes, S.
    Amount: $4,821,617.35
    Reason: Settlement

    PO#: 458361-03
    Payee: Samick, K.
    Amount: $21,000
    Reason: Monthly stipend

    PO#: 458361-04
    Payee: Fisher-Messer Staffing.
    Amount: $11,400
    Reason: Temp allocation

    PO#: 458361-05
    Payee: Icro R.J. Corp.
    Amount: $13,399,000
    Reason: Custom bolt engineering

    PO#: 458361-06
    Payee: Breen Cleen
    Amount: $6,000
    Reason: Weekly cleaning service

    PO#: 458361-07
    Payee: Offield Legal Srvc., Inc.
    Amount: $31.50
    Reason: Transcript of 2/13/00 trial

    PO#: 458361-08
    Payee: Gaborno Restaurants
    Amount: $160.50
    Reason: Food for crew

    PO#: 458361-09
    Payee: Coronell, P.
    Amount: $41,084.76
    Reason: T and E Reembursement

    PO#: 458361-10
    Payee: JA2 Inc.
    Amount: $300,450
    Reason: Accounting and auditing

    PO#: 458361-11
    Payee: Chamb Designs
    Amount: $14,000,000
    Reason: Mod. Dev. Resource Drill Design

    PO#: 458361-12
    Payee: Jacobson, L.
    Amount: $26,000
    Reason: New art commissioned for lobby area.

    PO#: 458361-13
    Payee: Woleski, Pol
    Amount: $42,000,000
    Reason: R and D

    PO#: 458361-14
    Payee: Vance Staffing
    Amount: $8,250
    Reason: Staffing of Loaders

    PO#: 458361-15
    Payee: Journey Grips, LLC
    Amount: $17,000
    Reason: Grips for Magnetic Drill Siding

  • Our previous PO was 458361-13, hence the name is: Woleski, Pol. 

  • A breakdown of the October PO's and the investigation by players as to the names is posted in Joeyspizza.


EMAIL SUMMARY TO:  10/4/02  

A breakdown of items found in the October PO's listing from is posted in Joeyspizza under the Files section. It was mainly found that the PO names were derived from personnel working on Alias. 

The following email was received back from Weiss to the players:


Operative: Well, looks like this is going to come down to you. I'll put together our mission; when it's ready, use Codeword: Crow. Don't respond to this email. Contact me through the SecNetComm. Weiss 

p.s.-You're making me look good, which gives me something to smile about. -------------------------------- 

From: ******** (Vaughn) To: ********* (Weiss) cc: **********; ******** 

Subject: FWD: Operation Cornerstone 

Weiss: Can your op find out when and where the transaction is going down? 



From: ******** (Freelancer) To: ********* (Vaughn) cc: **********; ********; *********; ********; ********; ********; ********* 

Subject: RE: Operation Cornerstone 

Vaughn: I've acquired some information on this guy. He's a historian and government official who stole all sorts of historical documents and official secrets back in the '80's, and has been selling them to the highest bidder ever since. He's very bright, always on the move. He's legit, and if he's got Maimonides' Enigma, we need to get to him before anyone else does.

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Inxite's Response


Received 10/7/02 in response to questioning on their hosting of the Credit Dauphine, Followers of Rambaldi, and Find-Whatever sites. 

Hi Equi,

Thanks for your interest in our company. Is there a particular type of software you are interested in? We do mainly custom work and some design, so there is no software we actually sell in a box or anything like that.

We do rent server space as well, and is the name of one of the servers we use. Were you interested in hosting?


Corey Beeken
Account Executive


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Conspiracy Chick Goes Live


- Site live as of 10/17/02

- Only article that is hosted on the site: How to Master 

Secret Work (equi_design)

- AveryVincent’s findings:
In the source code of front page:
<!-- CAMO: abda -->
<center><img SRC="Conspiracy_Chic.gif" height=51 width=505></center>

The conspiracy chick banner at the top of the page is stegged using Camo.  You can find the Camo software downloadable


Use Camo software to open the file with the password of: abda, as indicated in the source code.  You’ll find this .txt. file.

Operatives are to remain in sleeper status --













- So far there is only speculation as to what "sleeper status" is defined as or how it is obtained. Item to note: all players 

listed were players in Season 1. 

-The .txt file is also saved here.

-The Conspiracy Chick website is archived here & here.

-Emails to have not returned a response so far. (10/30/02)


**UPDATE: The Conspiracy Chick website was found to be inactive on 8/28/03.


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Operation Roundup

CODEWORD:  Crow (active 10/24/02)

ANSWER:  Princeville, HI

SUMMARY:  Find what city Pol Woleski is in.  IronicTwist has been tracking her “So you wanna be a Paralegal”.



  • Go to and visit the Bulletin Boards.  Click on the So you wanna be a paralegal forum.  Here you’ll see a topic by Ironic Twist called “What’s your favorite lawyer joke?”  The following message is posted on 10/23/02 08:48 pm: 

Mine is:

What do you call 300 dead lawyers? A good start! Bada-bing!

Webshots. Look me up. I've got soemthing interesting for you I took out of a dumpster.

CODEWORD:  Patriot

ANSWER:  Stone Canyon Overlook

SUMMARY:  Find the meeting location between SteveO, BillyMarlin, & Pol Woleski.  Start at Pol was probably posing as a business man.



  • One new email address:
  • At the discoverhometown site- go to the Classified Ads section.  Since Pol was probably a businessman, look at the Business Opportunities section.  At this page it’s easiest to do a Control+F or File Find for a specific keyword. Try “Pol”.  You’ll find this ad (

Need Delivery Man

Ad Number:


Date Posted:



Pol Woleski




Web Site:


Are you good at handling sensitive materials and delivering rare, exotic artifacts to companies around the world?

Find out more at Casper Star Tribue of Casper, WY by talking to the Mailman; tell him how to reach you next.



  • And this ad:

Delivery Man Wanted

Ad Number:


Date Posted:



Pol Woleski




Web Site:


Are you good at handling sensitive materials and delivering rare, exotic artifacts to companies around the world?

Find out more at The Atom Tabloid of Perth Amboy, NJ by talking to the Mailman; tell him how to reach you next.



  • And this ad:


Ad Number:


Date Posted:



Pol Woleski




Web Site:


Are you good at handling sensitive materials and delivering rare, exotic artifacts to companies around the world?

Find out more at the Standard-Examiner of Utah by talking to the Mailman; tell him how we can reach you next.




Utah Jazz


Don't leave, Mailman!


Don't leave, Mailman!


10/23/2002 16:35


Post Reply

It would be a shame if you retired now. You could still play for a few more years, and prove that old men get it done just a sgood as a young man! Experience matters! Leaving your secrets behind is strictly comedy. We love you! Billy Fish

Saturday 10/26/2002 11:16:32pm


Pol Woleski


Homepage Title:


Homepage URL:

Referred By:

Just Surfed In


Don't DROP the ball in a small town.


5 9 19 3 13 9 24 19 11 13 3.22 9 26

PS Please do not delete

  • From here, use the letter/number combos in Ad 3333.  Q1, A11, Z20 –these combos translate on the standard keyboard in this manner:  
























































Pol Woleski




Stone Canyon Overlook



Saturday, January 1, 2:00pm

I'll be in the beige sedan. Ignore the date above; let's do it this Thursday.


CODEWORD:  Patriot

ANSWER:  Eugene

SUMMARY:  Catch BillyMarlin. Ironic reports that Darcy has also logged onto Standard’s website. Go back and see if you can pick up Billy’s trail from there.




.TX Teen Talk


Talk to Darcy!


Talk to Darcy!


10/23/2002 16:30


Post Reply

Darcy: I want to talk all about teen issues! I'm at (541) 710-you have the other 4 numbers. ba

  • Take the (541) 710- number series and do a google search. This will turn up businesses and listings in Eugene, OR. 



You will receive an auto-response back with our new code name: Zydeco & the next mission: Codeword: Northridge.  

The following email was received back from Weiss to the players:


It gives me great pleasure to inform you that, due to your recent
success intercepting Maimonides' Enigma, you have been accepted into our
online agent program. Congratulations!

You've been assigned the codename Zydeco. From now on, please use this 
codename to identify yourself.

Don't respond to this email. Contact me through the SecNetComm. Your next codeword will be 'Northridge.'
From: ******** (Vaughn)
To: ********* (Weiss)
cc: **********; ********

Subject: FWD: Operation Roundup

The papers came through on your rookie. You can pass on the good news; 
they're starting out with a great track record.

You've got the greenlight for more missions.
p.s.-Your cat ate one of your yo-yos.
From: ******** (Freelancer)
To: ********* (Vaughn)
cc: **********; ********; *********; ********; ********; ********; *********;
********; ********; ********; *********

Subject: RE: Operation Roundup

The transaction of Maimonides' Enigma went off without a hitch. We
passed off the fake documents to Burt Arceneaux, aka Billy Marlin, with
no problem. If SD-8 uses these bogus forecasts to try and corner the
Nikkei, they're going to end up poorer than a failed internet start-up.
We've also got enough bugs on Arceneaux that he'll never get rid of 
them all. He'll be a font of information.

As for Woleski we picked him up in Hanalei, and he's stored away for
good. We got a couple extra secrets out of him, to boot.

All in all, an easy mission, thanks to the good intel.

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Operation KnockKnock


CODEWORD:  Northridge (active 10/24/02)

ANSWER:  259103179

SUMMARY:  A freelance computer hacker named JohnnyReb is setting up a website that can monitor whomever logs on, 

& it is dropping the IP address. Get the IP address. JohnnyReb usually leaves his first contact at

playing RollerCoaster Tycoon lately.



I love jamming to music when I play RT2 (but not when then bumper car groove kicks in - I LOVE that!).

My current choice: Rosey, "Dirty Child".

What do you listen to?


  • You will also find this post by Ironic_Twist posted on 10/24/02 at 16:39 - Have you ever felt the DROP on the Magnum?

My favorite roller coaster has to be the Magnum XL200 at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. It's amazing. Check it out.


  • And also this post by Agent_Z posted on 10/27/02 at 08:19-  Re: Have you ever felt the DROP on the Magnum?

Don't be fooled agents!

posted Thu, Oct 24, 2002 (2:29 PM)




Rosey's just too cool, too cool! Great accompaniment.

My two CD's I can't stop playing--Rosey first, Sheila Nicholls second.

Thanks for making my listening experience so great!

Click on the forums. Then click on the New Boards link. You will see a Topics listing on the left of the page.  Scroll to a message by JohnnyReb.  Here is the message- TOPIC:Anyone have a fan-mail ADDRESS for Sheila?

JohnnyReb | 24 Oct 2002 at 11:17:55 AM PST

Sheila, you rock! Keep it up, girl!

Use you phone and look me up at:
7(4) 9(1) 4(3) 8(1) 2(3) 4(2) 2(2) 6(3) 2(1) 7(3) 3(1) . 2(3) 6(3) 6(1)

  • Now use your touchtone phone to decode the letters.  The numbers without parentheses designate the button on the phone.  The numbers inside the parentheses designate which letter to use from that button. For example- 7(4) is the button 7 on the phone and the (4) is the fourth letter of PQRS, so S.  Note- Some older phones may only have PRS on the 7 button.  Just remember to add the Q in and it’ll work out. 
  • Decoded the message is:
  • At use the People Search- first name: Johnny, Last name-Reb. You will find these two likely listings: Reb, Johnny
    259103179, CA, CA  - and -
    Reb, Johnny, 12985613378, CA, CA.
  • The first one: 259103179 is correct and the answer for this Operation. (The other may be a plant from an SD-6 operative???)



The following email was received back from Weiss to the players:

FYI. Next codeword is 'Vinegar.'
Don't email me.

From: ******** (Vaughn)
To: ********* (Weiss)
Subject: FWD: Operation KnockKnock
Thanks for the IP. It works.

From: ******** (Thomasville, Derek)
To: *********
cc: **********; ********; *********; ******** (Vaughn); ********; ********; *********

Subject: RE: Operation KnockKnock
The IP is groovy. Monitoring is up, active, and ready to collect all sorts of good info.

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The PM's Respond

Posted on the Yahoo Alias Web Puzzle board on 10/31/02  by the PM's:

FROM: Jesse & Rick

Sorry you guys didn't get all your questions in... so here's the
answers you requested:

1) do the highlighted letter locations have meaning, or are they
used just for their visual effect?
-If you recall, last year they did end up having a meaning...
so it's probably worth the effort to keep track of them.

2) was the name "rambaldi" selected solely because it's an anagram
for "admiral b" (admiral bill was the mole in the show Mole?
-Rambaldi was named after special effects master Carlo
Rambaldi. He created E.T. (,+Carlo)

3) I'd like to hear more about the use of the number 47
-The recurrence of the number 47 is merely a coincidence. ;-)

4) Do all of the show's writers share responsibility for
orchestrating the web puzzle, or is it only a selected few?
-Last season, the "game" was originally budgeted as just
a "web-presence", a couple of web sites created by Eric Scott. By
mid-season, we'd exceeded our budget... so we (Jesse and Rick)
started improvising a new chapter for the game every week or so using
the great free resources of the internet: created free web sites, put
up personal ads, used public chat rooms, free encryption software
etc... Because of our limited resources and time, we had to work
with what we had. It was a very small scale project.

5) did last year's web puzzle progress as expected, or were there
surprises the puzzle makers encountered along the way? did we miss
the boat on some important things?
-The puzzle progressed in a completely unexpected way. We
literally improvised each and every step based off player reactions
and performance. One thing that was very unexpected was the way the
players became very secretive and competitive with each other...
creating private forums, leaking information to each other
strategically, holding back certain info. As a result, we had to
create aliases as players, and "infiltrate" the various public and
private groups in order to find out how far the players had
progressed in the game -- so that we knew when to create/launch the
next chapter etc. The puzzlers missed the boat on very few things...
there were some files/clues on limewire/morpheus that were never
found... However, they weren't necessary to complete the game.

6) are there two strains of the online puzzle this year? it seems
that the weiss missions structured, and tend to be "go and fetch"
type of info gatherings, while the less structured conspiracy chick
site seems to be more in tune with the show's current plotline. why
was this done, and will we see more non-weiss puzzles?
-There aren't really two strains of the puzzle this year...
And the current puzzle will sync up with the show more along the
way. The conspiracychick site was a way to give a shout out to the
people we thought performed exceptionally last season. However, we
wouldn't be surprised if the site tied into the game in the near
future and/or the "sleeper agents" were called upon at some

7) what is the "signalost" recovery method that marshall used to
restore that erased hard drive sector (i think this was the snowman
-Signalost would be able to tell you that better than we

8) did sept 11 change the way the online puzzle was carried out?
(i.e. we had a camo'd evil bert/osama pic last season). Also, since
we now know the CIA/FBI monitor the internet for terrorist-like
activities, were there any concerns that the puzzle might emulate spy
stuff too much?

-We did consider those factors when we were coming up with
the web-game... but what we liked about the puzzle was that it in
some ways showed the potential of the internet for such applications.

9) are there intentions to keep the rambaldi storyline active
throughout the life of alias?
-At the moment, Rambaldi is a permanent fixture of the Alias

10) if the CIA was so interested in sydney because of the page 47
prophecy, why are they not doing the medical exams, etc on her
mother? and why aren't they suspicious/afraid that she might be the
one who fulfills the prophecy?
-Perhaps they have performed some of these tests on her
already. The prophecy is probably a good reason to keep her locked
in a cell under heavy guard 24/7.
Rick & Jesse


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Episode 5


Here's the two IP's mentioned in the show... (equi_design)

Real to CIA: (see WhoIs page for more info on this IP)
Fake to SD-6: (IP from previous Weiss Operation Knockknock)

syd mentioned port 47 along with that real IP. (zep & Willingthrall)

here's the registration info...
11/03/02 20:41:15 IP block
Trying at ARIN
Trying 199.181.134 at ARIN

OrgName: The Disney Channel

NetRange: -
NetHandle: NET-199-181-129-0-1
Parent: NET-199-0-0-0-0
NetType: Direct Assignment
RegDate: 1994-03-28
Updated: 2002-10-30

TechHandle: JM3462-ARIN
TechName: Mansukhani, Jeff
TechPhone: +1-818-553-7268

AbuseHandle: JAM195-ARIN
AbuseName: Jenkins, Michael
AbusePhone: +1-407-824-7604

OrgTechHandle: JM3462-ARIN
OrgTechName: Mansukhani, Jeff
OrgTechPhone: +1-818-553-7268

Info on Jeff Mansukhani-

jeff's name brought up a couple of google hits. i don't think jeff
himself is puzzle related, but these links kinda give us some idea of
who he is at disney:

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Episode 6


IP address from the show: 


Destination: localhost:/dev/cdrom

(by melikalani 11/11/02)


This is an unroutable address for internal networks, so you won't find it on the net. All addresses in the ranges 192.168.x.x and 10.x.x.x are designated for private networks. (by toppsoft 11/11/02)


Japanese Restaurant Number:

Outside in LA while Jack & Sloane are going to the limo a neon sign in the store says:




F: 213-489-0268

(by Melikalani 11/11/02)


Zephyr_hex called the number with a modem and received no connection.  Equi_design dialed the number with a fax and received a successful send confirmation of the facsimile message on 11/14/02.  Awaiting a response...


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Episode 8


IP address from the show: 

Same one as mentioned in Episode 5. (by cljagg2000) (see WhoIs page for more info on this IP)

Still not active 12/2/02



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Episode 9


Signal Lost was flashed on the screen when Marshall’s tracking device failed in tracking the Alliance’s bearer bonds.  Meaning as yet is unknown… (toppsoft & others)


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Game Sites Gone!


On 12/13/02 it was discovered that the following changes had taken place on in game websites:

12/13/02, 8:50 am EST, the site is redirecting to

an logo stating:



Custom Software for the Internet

Contact Us


Equi_design- The contact us link leads to, which is

an online form to fill out.


Other links on the creditdauphine/inxite site:

Redirects to a page with-



It looks like the page you requested does not exist.

Try our homepage (homepage word is a link to

Host not found error


Also all Credit Dauphine email addy's now return a bounce. Click here for the listing. 


Here is Inxite's response to the disappearance of the sites- Equi_design

Received 12/16/02

Thanks for your inquiry.

The server has not experienced any down time. The websites you list are no longer hosted by inxite but by ABC. It
looks like the DNS records have not been updated on their end though and so traffic is still coming to the old server.
Hopefully this will be resolved by them soon.


Account Executive


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Episode 10

IP address from the show: not active  (see WhoIs page for more info on this IP)

Also mentioned in the show: 

A Sammy Hagar MP3 on Audiogalaxy- not known if this is a puzzle element. Under investigation.

Also mentioned in the show: 

In Episode 10, the one where Syd and Marshall went on the mission together, there was a song playing at the

opera that was called "Sleepers, Awake" by Bach. Interesting... (submitted by americaprd)



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Episode 16


SIGNAL LOST flashes on Sark's screen. He was monitoring the bomb at the bank, & lost the signal when Vaughn placed the receiver in the vault.


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Episode 17


SIGNAL LOST flashes on a CIA computer monitor.

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Episode 18


SIGNAL LOST on CIA computer monitor when Sark disables Irina's passive tracking device.


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Episode 19


Francie mentioned the website However, this website is not active. 


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ABC has posted a new FAQ for the Alias show. It can be found here-

New items found include: 

How did Sydney bring down SD-6?
What is Phase One?
What is Phase Two?
What happened to all the people who worked at SD-6?
How has Irina Derevko complicated Sydney and Jack's relationship?
Who is Neil Caplan?
Who is Francie's genetic double?


Hidden page on the FAQ (deals with The Prophecy):


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April 14, 2003


Equi_design: and now show as blank website pages.  No hidden items in the source code. 


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ABC Keith's Post


On 4/22/03 at 7:55 pm this post was found on by ABC_Keith.  


From:  "abc_keith2002" <>
Date:  Tue Apr 22, 2003  7:55 pm
Subject:  A little help here

What goes good with Bruschetta?
Or makes a good salad dressing?


Here is the link to the original post-


So what's the meaning of this post?  After much speculation, it was found that Vinegar is the answer to the riddle.  AND...that's also the next codeword in the Weiss-bot missions.  Upon checking with the ABC site and Weiss, it's found that Codeword: Vinegar is active! 


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Operation Strand


CODEWORD:  Vinegar

ANSWER:  Proteo Di Regno

SUMMARY:  The NSA is dropping a name somewhere for us to find.  Find the name, decode it.  To start, look for musicians at a company called Line 6.



  • Our new codename seems to be Nightcrawler.

  • After receiving Weiss’ clue to head to Line 6, we find there is a Bulletin Board section called Channel 6.  At the boards, scroll down to the Classifieds, you’ll see the topic says: Person to Person “need a hired gun?”.  Check this area out.  WOW! Ironic Twist has left us a message.  Here’s what it says:

posted April 22, 2003 11:31 AM

I'm looking for a man

Must like the sound of Vikter Duplaix

Must have a sense of humor about sit-coms like Full House

What can you offer me?



  • And we find this profile for Ironic Twist on the Line 6 Bulletin Boards:

Member Status:

Junior Member

Member Number:



January 25, 2003



Email Address:



  • From Ironic’s message above, the name Vikter Duplaix and Full House stand out.  Well, from we know that no one by that name was in the TV show Full House. So let’s Google Vikter’s name.  Ah ha!  Here’s his website:  And guess what?  On his webpage is a Bulletin Board. 

  • Vikter’s Bulletin Boards can be found here.  And yes, there are hosted on  ;)  Anyhow, on the Bulletin Boards…. There’s a message that stands out… remember that Full House reference?  Well, there’s a post from MaryKateFan_2003. Here is the message: 

Whats Your Vector, Vikter?

            Can't every band get rockin' bro?
            Question, Vikter:
            Ever really tour around Baltimore?
            END MSG


                                                                  Posted by: MaryKateFan_2003 (11:11AM PDT, Apr 22, 2003)

            Anyone know when Cypher is coming out?


1st ltr


                                                                  Posted by: AshleyFan_2003 (11:06AM PDT, Apr 22, 2003) 

  • You can access at ROT tool here.  (Many thanks and total credit for this to!) Now we’ve just got to figure out what to ROT.  Hmmm…

  • Also, we have another new email address: However, email to this address bounces. Host not known error.

  • OK, back to the ROT13 decipher: we know that the second message says First Letter and it’s addressed to MaryKate.  So, we go back to the first message and pull out the first letter of each word- CEBGRBQVERTAB.  Then to ROT 13 and it gives you: PROTEODIREGNO. Which is the answer.

CODEWORD:  Antacid

ANSWER:  Panama City

SUMMARY: Find out what city PROTEO DIREGNO lives in. It’s outside the US. Start by finding the official site for the city of Tuscon, AZ.



  • A simple Google on Tucson, AZ leads us to it’s page: Now where? If you scroll  down to the bottom there is a tiny link to their guestbook. And there you will see this post by Proteo Di Regno:

            Your city is beautiful, a living art piece.
            Tuscon should look into an EcoArt program, much like the one Maine's College of the Atlantic had a few years 

            ago, to take advantage of the incredible artistry and nature that is unique to the region. (You can find out more 

            about the EcoArt program at COA using a search engine to find it).

            Di Regno, Proteo
            USA - Monday, April 21, 2003 at 19:20:59 (MST)


  • So, now let’s use Di Regno’s post and go Google COA and EcoArt.  Then you get this site:

  • On this site there is a link to Dialogue. Let’s check that out. Hey look! There’s a post by Di Regno, P.  Here’s the message text:

4/21/2003---11:13:16 PM

Di Regno, P

Una llamada para el arte Tropical del Bosque


Busco a Eco Artists con un interés en bosques tropicales.

El trabajo es similar a lo que mostré en la conferencia de "Tropical Forests: Past, Present and Future" el año pasado.

·         So… obviously we need to translate this.  And we’re off to

·         The message translates to: A call for the Tropical art of the Forest I look for Echo Artists with an interest in tropical forests. The work is similar to which I showed in the conference of "Tropical Forests: Past, Present and Future "the last year.

·         Well, with that conference name, we can find out a little more information.  Let’s Google that conference. And then we arrive at several sites that are available, one of which is: This site says the conference was held in Panama City, Panama. Let’s try feeding that to the Weiss-bot. BINGO! 



ANSWER:  Flamingo Cafe

SUMMARY: Find a name of a 24 hour restaurant in the hotel that the Tropical Forests conference took place in.  Local operatives need a place to stay.



  • So, back to the conference’s website. We find that that they conference is going to take place in the Hotel El Panama.

  • And we find that on the left hand bar there is a link to Accommodations. Then we find a list of hotels.  Let’s start with the first, Hotel El Panama and work our way down.

  • The hotel’s website is located here: And they have a link to their Restaurant’s & Bar’s. 

  • Hmmm… a quick cursory glance tells us that Flamingo’s Cafe is open 24 hours.  Let’s go chat with Weiss bot.  Hmmm….Flamingo’s Café (or Flamingo, or Flamingos) doesn’t work.  Keep trying and guessing new ways to enter it and WOW!  Flamingo Café works. 





Wed, 23 Apr 2003 12:27:48 -0700




RE: Operation Strand


"Weiss, CIA" <>

Keep your fingers crossed; something big is about to go down, I think. 
Next codeword is 'Jarlsberg.'
From: ********
To: ********* (Weiss)
cc: ********** (Brandon); ********; *********; ******** (Bowman);
Subject: RE: Operation Strand
Agent Weiss:
Thank you. Will pass on.


Notes on Operation Strand: Found by Willingthrall on the ABC Alias Online Adventure message board:


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Project Christmas


During the 2 hour season finale, Will Tippin was researching the Project Christmas kids 

to find A. G. Doren (a.k.a. The Francinator). During the episode this list was flashed on the screen.

Thanks to Chocobo_sageP_dan.


Douglas W. Axtell

Matthew Wayne Brewer

Karen A. Bartek

Diana Lynn Brown

Jennifer Beth Crary

Peter James Dacey

Ryan Robert Ferro

Chris Godfrey

Tricia Kay Goken

Harmony Leigh Gosbee

Allison Georgia Doren

Duane E. Journey

Ross Frank Judd

Michael Allen Martinez

Mark A. Rohmer

Benjamin Xavier Spek

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Bouncing Email Addresses

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Other Email Addresses

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Rogue Operation?

On 2/1/03 several Alias web puzzle players received emails for the start of a new version of the game.  You can play along or track it's progress here


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