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Introduction to the Online Alias Puzzle

The Season 1 Puzzle

The Season 2 Puzzle

The Season 1 Puzzle

The online Alias puzzle was originally discovered in Season 1 of the show.

Sites: The puzzle involved finding and solving clues that were mainly derived from emails received and the in game websites.  Emails came from and in game websites included,,, (now redirects to for the Season 2 puzzle),,

Characters: The puzzle involved the Yahoo characters unityvice, rulerfrog, upsidedown3141, sky_watcherz, kdirectorate_0, and dianthuscaryophyllus.  These characters sometimes made contact to players through IM, email, or message posts. Some AOL characters (example: SydK) were discovered by ID on the Followers of Rambaldi site, however most of these characters did not seem to contribute a whole lot to the game.  One AOL ID however did provide contact through the puzzle- Kdirectorate (this ID was also found off of the Followers site). At the end of the Season 1 game, retroorbit confessed to being the mole. 

The Puzzles: The game puzzles involved destegging/un-camouflaging pictures, finding hidden messages, solving ciphers, monitoring spoken bonafides, and other miscellaneous spy craft arts. The highlighted letters in each episode were tracked by players and were found to be a keycode to decipher a Vigenere cipher that solved the puzzle to the final quiz forms (see below).

The puzzle ended in two ways:

1) A set of players was contacted by rulerfrog with a unique logon and password. These players were directed to a "quiz".  
2) A few weeks after the first group of players received a logon, all game players were directed via a solved puzzle to a link that contained a "quiz" similar to what the other players had taken earlier.  

The end: The quizzes signaled the end of the Season 1 operation. The quizzes asked questions such as: Who do you believe is the mole?  Who are the top players? What would you do if you came to a brick wall? Have you discussed game elements in non-public areas? How many aliases did you go by?

At the end of the Season 1 puzzle, players were not sure if the game would continue.  

For more intel: If you'd like to read further in depth on the Season 1 puzzle, please read over the Season 1 FAQ by AveryVincent and this short recap also by Avery.  

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The Season 2 Puzzle

The Season 2 puzzle was discovered 8/5/02 by a message post by ABC_Keith on the ABC Mole 2 Message Board.  This post was announcing a BETA version of the "new" Online Alias Adventure. 

The Puzzles: So far, the puzzle seems to have taken a different turn. Missions are much more structured and seem to be more of a webhunt for clues (such as message postings, keyboard & phone alpha/numeric ciphers).  The missions are directed by the Weiss-bot which players input codewords into for responses and direction on their next mission.  

Reincarnation of Rulerfrog: However, recently, the reincarnation of rulerfrog (from Season 1) was discovered and then the next week mentioned in the Alias episode.  The new in game website is Players have found a hidden item in the banner of the page (using the Camo software from Season 1), and the site is continually monitored for updates. 

For more intel: Players should join one or both of the following Yahoo groups: Aliaswebpuzzle or Joeyspizza.  Also the Trail, FAQ, and Operations of this site give detailed information on what has transpired so far....


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