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Welcome to the new home of the archival information for the Alias Web Puzzle from Season 1. Please feel free to visit the sponsor of this site. Many thanks to SpaceBass for providing this ad-free place devoted to Alternate Reality Gaming.

Last updated: 05/12/03

The game for Season 2 starts here:
Make certain you read all the instructions and the faq before you start.  Enter "I want to join the CIA.' when you encounter the Agent Weiss Bot and you'll begin the mission.
FAQ for Version 2:


All pages redirect to now for the new version of the game.

This version of the Web Puzzle has been over since March of 2002.  This FAQ is mostly an archive and guide to what transpired over the months that the puzzle was active.  The primary web sites have all been removed.

I received this and thought other players would enjoy reading it.

rulerfrog (Sun 05/26/02 01:29:30 PM): Sorry for the lack of responses on my part... this account isn't very active anymore. I just wanted you to know that ALL of us at Alias are incredibly grateful for the hard work you've put into the puzzle FAQ, summaries, and the organization you've given to the webpuzzle. It truly wouldn't have been as successful without you -- I'm sure the players
would agree. Regards, Rulerfrog

The primary sources for information for this FAQ come from messages from the AliasWebPuzzle club, the Aliaswebgame group and Blake Kunisch's web site  Thank you to all who contributed.

Getting Started
    This shows the new player where to begin.
The puzzle summary by episode:
    Follow the puzzle as it unfolds chronologically. [This is the original puzzle summary]

The puzzle by website:
Shows which puzzle elements came from each site

    Credit Dauphine
        Passwords | Mailing addresses | email | domain name registration
    Followers of Rambaldi
        Updates | Morse code | *link
        NYTimes article
    Alisha (no longer functioning)
        About the chatbot Alisha | Turing Game | Book mentioned by Alisha
    Rulerfrog/The Watcherz
       The last incarnation of rulerfrog | The original site preserved in zip format | the raid document | The briefing | background | file vault
        Guestbook entries | personal ad | updated local neverhome copy | The Russian Drama
    The Lighter Side
        A Parody of the puzzle

Email responses:
    From Credit Dauphine | Rulerfrog | Marshall Flinkman | Finch
AOL Instant Messages:
    From Kdirectorate | Kdirajor | Unityvice | MarshallF
The Highlighted Letters
Other sites by Eric Scott that have been mined for clues:
    Fusion Anomoly
    The True Wheel
Possible Red Herrings
    Star Trek Lore in Alias
    South Park references in Alias
    More possible jpegs with hidden files.
    Cyan McCullough
    Sidney Gottlieb, MK ULTRA and Polyphonic code.
    Dead Letter from Steven Gordon
    Letter from Sloane as it appeared on the ftp site
    binary translator

    Behind-the-cyber-scenes of the puzzle.